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Sophomore Meeting Agenda

What can you expect as a Sophomore Core Advisor?

The sophomore year component of the FCRH Core Advising Program consists of three advising meetings and one event hosted by the FCRH Dean's Office. These meeting dates can also be found on the FCRH Core Advising Calendar.

Before the Meeting (Email)

  • Week of August 30: Send an introduction email to welcome students back, provide your contact information, and inform them that they are enrolled in your advising section (which appears on their class schedule).
  • Week of September 6: Send a reminder email to students about your upcoming mandatory group meeting. Scheduling is more difficult with sophomores, as they may have class conflicts with your section’s meeting time. Please schedule an individual meeting with students that cannot attend.
  • Regular Communication: Sending out periodic email reminders and updates is crucial, especially since students will only have one mandatory group meeting with you. The Dean’s Office will send you important information throughout the semester to distribute to your advisees. Please make sure to be attentive to these emails and distribute to advisees accordingly.

Meeting #1 (Group): Sophomore Success 

Week of September 13

Advisors should discuss the following items:

Finding Your Way: Resources, Activities, & Opportunities 

Wednesday, September 15 | 4:00 PM | Fordham Prep - Leonard Theatre

  • Hosted by the FCRH Dean's Office, Office for Student Involvement, and Office of Career Services
  • Overview of academic resources, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities available to FCRH sophomore students


Meeting #2 (Individual): Academic Progress & Registration

Weeks of October 18 & 25

Advisors should discuss the following items:

  • Student Experience Check-In
  • Major Declaration Check-In
  • Academic Progress Check-In
  • Pre-Registration Schedule Review


  • Meetings should be scheduled before the course withdrawal deadline (Friday, Nov. 5).
  • Students should send/bring proposed schedules with them for advising hold removal.

Meeting #3 (Individual): Major Declaration & Future Advising

Week of November 15

Advisors should discuss the following items:

  • Preparing for Final Exams
  • Major Declaration Plan
  • Future Advising Procedure
  • Other end-of-semester concerns

Important Notes

You will serve as a Core Advisor to sophomores until mid-February 2022, at which point all sophomores should have declared a major and been assigned major advisors. Some of your students may declare majors earlier, and therefore change advisors, but expect to have sophomore advisees until mid-February.

Aside from your three meetings, you are expected to be available to your advisees via email or individual appointments upon request.

Once the Sophomore Core Advising courses are created and the room locations are assigned, you will be able to find your course information on the Faculty tab.