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Active Research Studies

Examining Adolescent Outcomes of Severe Temper Outbursts in Childhood

We are currently recruiting families who completed our initial study of severe temper outbursts (STO) to return to our lab for a one-session study visit. The primary aim of this study is to examine the current functioning of adolescents (ages 12- 17.9 years) who exhibited STO when they were between the ages of 5- 9 so that we can better understand developmental trajectories of emotion dysregulation. This study only requires a single study visit that can be scheduled at either our Bronx or Lincoln Center campus. If you participated in a previous study at PERL and are interested in participating in this new study, please contact us at 718-817-0968 or email us at if you and your child are eligible.

Teen Anxiety and Brain Study (TAB)

We are currently recruiting 12- to- 14-year-olds for a research study about teen anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychopathology among teens, with symptoms frequently emerging during mid-adolescence, a period of rapid and profound brain development. Disruptions in attention towards emotional information is thought to contribute to anxiety. However, these disruptions and their neural bases are poorly understood. We integrate multiple methods, including fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking, to study how patterns of attention relate to brain and behavioral markers, as well as different types of anxiety disorders. The outcome of this study will help improve the treatment of anxiety disorders in youth by making personalized intervention approaches possible. Please see the Teen Anxiety and Brain Study webpage for more details.

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