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Public Interest and Service

Fordham Law Public Interest and Service Concentration

“In the service of others” is more than the Law School’s motto; it is also a career path.

The public interest and service Concentration prepares you to fight injustice and to help empower and advocate for disenfranchised individuals and communities.

It is flexible enough for you to develop a set of courses that is tailored to your interests and career objectives. And it gives you a solid substantive grounding in the field that will signal to employers that you are ready for a variety of public interest positions or important careers in government.

Courses and Faculty

Foundational, specialized, and experiential, practicum, and writing courses compose the public interest and service Concentration. You are also encouraged to take courses that strengthen your writing and research skills and to participate in one or more student groups housed in the Public Interest Resource Center.

For full requirements, current students can log into LawNET.

For further information please contact Office of the Registrar or Professor Leah Hill.

Foundational Courses

Administrative Law
American Legal and Constitutional History
Critical Race Theory
Criminal Law Theory
Federal Courts
Gender and the Law
Introduction to Jurisprudence
Language of the Constitution
Law and Economics
Law of Race
Market Structure and Democracy
Natural Law: Reasons, Rights, Justice
U.S. Constitutional History

Specialized Courses

Advanced Criminal Law
Advances in Healthcare Law
Affordable Housing
Public Interest and Service 
Antitrust Law
Bankruptcy Law 
Capital Punishment 
Comparative Employment Discrimination Law 
Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law 
Constitutional Rights and Human Rights in Comparative Perspective 
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Investigative
Education Law 
Election Law And The Presidency
Employment Discrimination
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Family Law 
Firearms Law
First Amendment 
Gender, Sexuality and the Law
Health Care Policy and the Law
Health Law 
Immigration Law 
Income Taxation
Juvenile Justice Survey
Labor Law 
Labor Law in the International Context
Land Use Law 
Law and Biomedical Ethics 
Law and Neuroscience 
Law of the City of New York
National Security and the Rule of Law
Nonprofit Law
Poverty Law 
Psychology and Civil Law
Psychology and Criminal Law 
Public Interest Lawyering Advanced Seminar
Securities Regulation
Sentencing Law and Policy 
Special Education Law
State and Local Government
Tax Policy & Distributive Justice 
Workers, Law and Changing Economy 



Appellate Litigation Clinic
Community Economic Development Clinic
Consumer Litigation Clinic
Criminal Defense Clinic
Family Advocacy Clinic
Federal Litigation Clinic
Immigration Rights Clinic
Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic
Prosecution Clinic
Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic 
Tax Clinic
Advanced Research: Public Interest
Appellate Drafting
Civil Litigation Drafting
Criminal Litigation Drafting
Labor and Employment Drafting
Legislative Drafting
Environmental Justice Practicum


Example Course Sets

Criminal Defense or Prosecution
Federal Courts
Science of Implicit Bias and Law: New Pathways to Social Justice or Critical Race Theory
Advanced Criminal Procedure
Sentencing Law and Policy or Criminal Law, Deserts and Punishment
Law and Neuroscience or Psychology and Criminal Law
Prosecution Clinic or Criminal Defense Clinic or Federal Litigation Clinic

Civil Legal Services Practice
Federal Courts
Science of Implicit Bias or Critical Race Theory
Poverty Law and one of the following:
Family Law or Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
One of the following experiential, practicum, or writing courses:
Community Economic Development Clinic
Consumer Litigation Clinic
Family Advocacy Clinic
Immigrants’ Rights and Access to Justice Clinic
Legislative & Policy Advocacy Clinic
An externship with a Civil Legal Services organization
Advanced Research: Public Interest

Family and Juvenile Law
Administrative Law
Race, Sex, and Love
Juvenile Justice Survey
Family Law
Family Advocacy Clinic

Administrative Law
Science of Implicit Bias or Critical Race Theory
Immigration Law
Workers, Law and Changing Economy
Immigrant’s Rights and Access to Justice Clinic

Administrative Law
Any theoretical foundations course in your substantive area(s) of desired practice
State and Local Government
Poverty Law
City Council Externship or Legislative Drafting or Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic

Women’s and Reproductive Rights
Federal Courts
Sexuality and the Law
Employment Discrimination
Any Clinic or Externship with a relevant organization or Civil Rights Drafting

Workplace Law
Administrative Law
Law and Economics
Labor Law
Employment Law
Labor and Employment Drafting


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Student Organizations
Public Interest Resource Center
Stein Scholars Program


Centers + Institutes
Center on Race, Law & Justice
Feerick Center for Social Justice
National Center for Access to Justice
Stein Center for Law and Ethics


Tap into Fordham Law’s alumni network of experienced attorneys working in the field by joining an affinity group. Student participation is always free.

Attend a Career Development Program to explore career options and learn to showcase your best professional self.

Attend Fordham Law events sponsored by centers and institutes and offered through CLE and Public Programs.