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Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Faculty

Dr. Peggy Andover

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI); Attempted Suicide; NSSI and Suicide Treatment Development

Dr. Rachel Annunziato

Health and Pediatric Psychology

Dr. Natasha L. Burke

Pediatric obesity and disordered eating; sociocultural influences on eating and weight; health disparities

Dr. Christopher Conway

Clinical Psychology; Dimensional Models of Psychological Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Personality Disorders, Stress Reactivitiy

Dr. Keith Cruise

Forensic Psychology; Juvenile Justice; Assessment; Adolescent Mental Health

Dr. David S. Glenwick

Clinical Child and Geropsychology; Community Psychology; Developmental Disabilities; CBT

Dr. David Marcotte

Clinical Program

Dr. Dean McKay

Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Disgust in Psychopathology; Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Dr. Haruka Minami

Smoking cessation; Health psychology

Dr. Mary Procidano

Perceived social support and appraisal; Cross-cultural assessment; Spirituality; Interpersonal psychotherapy

Dr. Elizabeth Raposa

Clinical Psychology; Early life stress; Developmental Psychopathology; Mental health disparities; Community-based interventions

Dr. Andrew Rasmussen

Culture and psychological distress; Immigrants and refugees; Psychosocial humanitarian aid

Dr. Monica Rivera-Mindt

Clinical Neuropsychology;
Neurodegenerative Disorders; HIV/AIDS and Aging;
Substance Use Treatment; Health Disparities;
Multicultural Neuropsychology

Dr. Barry Rosenfeld

Forensic Psychology; Health Psychology; Torture and Political Violence

Dr. Amy Roy

Child psychopathology

Dr. Fred Wertz

Phenomenological, Existential, and Humanistic Psychology; Qualitative research methods

Dr. Molly Zimmerman

Neuropsychology; Dementia; Normal aging; Sleep; Traumatic brain injury