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The Fall On-Campus Interview Program

This interview program facilitates employer interviewing of the second and third-year day (and third and fourth-year evening) J.D. students for summer and entry-level attorney positions. It consists of:

  • a Pre-EIW Resume Collect (open only to employers who participate in Early Interview Week);
  • Early Interview Week;
  • Fall Weeks; and
  • two fall semester Resume Collects in August and September.

Early Interview Week: July 26-29, 2021

Early Interview Week interview dates are determined by our Date Rotation System: returning employers' interview dates will advance one day in our four-day program in successive years.

  • Employers who interviewed on Day 1 in a given EIW will interview on Day 2 in the following EIW;
  • Employers who interviewed on Day 2 in a given EIW will interview on Day 3 in the following EIW;
  • Employers who interviewed on Day 3 in a given EIW will interview on Day 4 in the following EIW;
  • Employers who interviewed on Day 4 in a given EIW will interview on Day 1 in the following EIW.

Employers registering for EIW for the very first time, or returning after an absence, should provide us with their first, second and third choices of interview dates.

Fall Weeks: August 30 - October 15, 2021

There are six weeks of Fall Weeks interviews. Employers should choose the week they are interested in at the time they register and indicate three date choices during the chosen week in the Notes section of their schedule request. Our best efforts will be made to assign employers one of these three dates.

There is no registration fee to participate in the 2021 Fall On-Campus Interview Program.

During the Fall On-Campus Interview Program, employers receive resumes of interested students and are able to select 60% of their interview schedule. The remaining 40% of the interview schedule is determined by the Student Preference System (SPS). The SPS allows students to rank employers and gives preference in interview slots to those students who most highly ranked a particular employer.

For example, an employer that registers for two schedules of 20 minute interviews will see a total of 46 students. After reviewing the application materials of interested students, the employer would designate 28 students -- 60% of the total number of students to be interviewed -- as their "preselects," who would automatically be assigned interviews.  There would then be 18 interview slots remaining -- 40% of the total number of students to be interviewed -- and those 18 interview slots would be filled by the SPS. Students who ranked that employer as #1 on their bid lists would be chosen first by the SPS and assigned to interview slots, followed by students who ranked the employer as #2, and so on, until the available interview slots were filled.

Pre-EIW Resume Collect

For employers who are participating in EIW and who also wish to meet with students prior to the beginning of EIW, we offer a Pre-EIW Resume Collect which will make application materials available to employers on June 11, 2021.

Fall Semester Resume Collect Programs

During the fall semester, in addition to the Fall Weeks of on-campus interviews, we have a Resume Collect Program with two separate Resume Collect dates: one in August and one in September. Employers receive application materials from interested students and invite selected students to their offices for an interview. There is no fee to participate, and employers may indicate the specific application materials they require (e.g., cover letters, transcripts and/or writing samples).

2020 Employer Registration

Registration for the Fall 2020 On-Campus Interview and Resume Collect Programs begins on March 2, 2020..

Register online through Symplicity at Log in, select the OCI Tab, then the Schedule Request Tab, and select Request Schedule. From the Sessions drop-down menu select the desired week of Fall Weeks, or the desired Resume Collect, and complete the requested information.

If you need a Symplicity username and password, please email

Non-Discrimination Statement of Agreement

Questions about the Fall OCI and Resume Collect Programs?

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