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Clara Rodriguez

Professor of Sociology
Lowenstein Building 916B
Fordham University, Lincoln Center

Phone: 212-636-6335


BA, City College, CUNY
MA, Cornell University
PhD, Washington University in St. Louis,


Race and ethnicity, media studies, Latino studies, labor markets, migration, urban and regional studies.


She is the recipient of numerous research and teaching awards, most recently, the American Sociological Association's 2001 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in the Field of Latina/o Studies, her university's Award for Distinguished Teaching in the Social Sciences in 2003, and she was designated "Distinguished Lecturer" by the Organization of American Historians. Recently, she was elected to the Governing Board of the American Sociological Association for a three year term. She has been a Visiting Professor at Columbia University, MIT, and Yale University. She has also been a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation and a Senior Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Previously, she was the Dean of Fordham University's College of Liberal Studies. She has written over 50 articles on Latinos in the United States and most recently co-authored of The Culture and Commerce of Publishing in the 21st Century (Stanford University Press, 2007). She has also been a consultant to "Dora the Explorer" and "Sesame Street.

Selected Publications

2007. The Culture and Commerce of Publishing in the 21st Century, co-edited with Albert N. Greco and Robert M. Wharton. Stanford Business Books, Stanford, CA.

2004. Heroes, Lovers, and Others: the Story of Latinos in Hollywood. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC.

2000. Changing Race: Latinos, the Census, and the History of Ethnicity in the United States. New York University Press.

2000. "Adiós, Borinquen querida": La diáspora puertorriqueña [The Puerto Rican Diaspora]. José E. Cruz, Edna Acosta-Belén, Margarita Benítez, Yvonne González-Rodríguez, Clara E. Rodríguez, Carlos E. Santiago, Azara Santiago-Rivera, & Barbara R. Sjostrom. CELAC (Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies), Albany, NY.

1997. Latin Looks: Images of Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Media. Westview Press, Boulder, CO.

1996. Historical Perspectives on Puerto Rican Survival in the U.S., co-edited with Virginia Sánchez Korrol. Markus Wiener Publishers, Princeton, NJ.

1991. Hispanics in the Labor Force: Issues and Policies, co-edited with Edwin Meléndez and Janis Barry Figueroa. Plenum Press, NY.

1989. Puerto Ricans: Born in the U.S.A. Unwin Hyman, Boston.


2006. "Latinas in the Film industry, 1911-1995," in Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia, Vicki L. Ruiz and Virginia Sánchez Korrol, eds, pp. 497-502, 807-808. Indiana University Press.

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2004. reprint of "Placing Race in Context," in Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Race and Ethnicity, 5th edition, Raymond D'Angelo and Herbert Douglas, eds, Dushkin/McGraw Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies. [Clara Rodriguez and Hectore Cordero-Guzman, “Placing Race in Context,” Ethnic and Racial Studies 15/4 (1992):523-541.]

2004. Rodriguez, Clara E., Irma M. Olmedo, and Mariolga Reyes-Cruz. "Deconstructing and contextualizing the historical and social literature on Puerto Ricans." In Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education, James A. Banks and Cherry A. McGee Banks, eds, pp. 288-312. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.

2004. Congressional testimony published in U.S. House of Representatives report on "Diversifying Hollywood: Hispanic Representation in the Media," Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Joint Forum of Task Forces on Corporate America, Technology, Telecommunications, and Arts & Entertainment, Forum Report, September 8, 2004, pp. 23-27, 49. Congress of the United States, Washington, DC.