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Courses and Degree Requirements

Program Requirements

Depending on the number of courses taken each semester, the degree is a 3 or 4 semester program for full-time students (for example 3 semesters plus field work in the summer). The Degree requires completion of 36 credits (12 courses) and a formal Master's Thesis.

Core Courses

Three core courses establish a common base of knowledge and research skills.

Issues in Urban Studies (URST 5000)
Issues in Urban Studies introduces all students to urban studies and the current debates about the urban experience.

Urban Political Processes (URST 5020)
This course examines urban political systems concentrating on the primary institutions and processes that comprise the urban political milieu. 

Research Skills in Urban Studies (URST 6200)
This course introduces students to Urban Studies research methods, setting up research design including deriving hypotheses and conclusions, and the application of qualitative and quantitative research approaches. 

Elective Courses 

Students then complete seven elective courses across a variety of disciplines depending on their individual interests.

Urban Studies Field Work (URST 6080)
Students complete the field work research for their Master's Thesis in New York City or in another large-scale city in the United States or foreign country. It may be completed during the academic year or the summer. Before registering for field work, a student must complete the required courses listed above and be in good academic standing. The thesis advisor or the Urban Studies Director must approve and monitor all field work research. The field study must be directly related to the student’s Master's Thesis.

Completion of Master's Thesis (URST 6999)
Upon completion of field work research, students register for URST 6999 to complete the writing of their Master's Thesis. Each thesis project is mentored by a faculty member specializing in the chosen field of study.