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Master's Theses

Completed Projects 

Seasonality and the Local Food System: The Role of Seasons in Local Food Education in New York City
Sarah Benoit (2011)

Blue-Collar Working Mothers: The Effects of the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT Budget Cuts on Female TWU Local 100
Kathleen Adams (2012)

Bullets Don't Have Names: The Effects of Social Capital on Adolescent African-American Girls' Integration into Public Space
Courtney Ball (2012)

From Beach Resort to Bedroom Community: Staten Island and the Impact of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
Alina Durkofic (2014)

The Politics Behind Economic Development in New York City: Who Influences the ULURP Process
Alexa Dvorak (2014)

The Bagel Bakers' Unions of New York City: From Lower East Side Jewish Immigrants to Unionized Journeymen
Jamie Feigenbaum (2013)

Tenants Rise: Resistance to the Gentrification Process in West Harlem
Miles Gamble (2013)

111 1st Street Jersey City, NJ: The Life and Death of an Arts Community
David Goodwin (2012)

Women and the Word: The Revival as a Counterpublic Space for Black Queer-Identified Women
Alyssa Hollins (2014)

The Intersection of History, Memory and Space: the Old Bronx Courthouse and the Legacy of Nos Quedamos
Mary Loane, (2013)

The Disintegration of New York City: What the Abolition of the Board of Estimate and Current Structure of NYC Government Means for Minority Citizens
Zellnor Myrie (2013)

Educational Infrastructural Development in Bangladesh: A Comparative Rural and Urban Community Study of Government Primary Schools
Minhajul Meje (2012)

The Use and Abuse of Eminent Domaine in Urban Development
Marina Ristic (2013)

Gentrification, Social Capital, and the Emergence of a Lesbian Neighborhood: A Case Study of Park Slope, Brooklyn
Rebecca Senn (2013)

Waterfront Redevelopment at South Street Seaport: Where Water and Land, Collaboration and Planning Converge
Kathryn Tipora (2012)

New York City Graffiti Murals: Signs of Hope, Marks of Distinction
Patrick J. Verel (2013)

New York's Domestic Workers: Non-Profit Organizations, Urban Community, and Implementation of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
Jahmila Vincent (2013)

The People United: Navigating Adverseries and Allies in Housing Activism
Caitlin Waickman (2013)