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Most lawyers deal with business organizations and the law governing them, and many lawyers deal with this law extensively. Among lawyers who specialize in corporate law, some focus on business transactions and corporate regulation, while others emphasize corporate and securities litigation. Corporate law also encompasses related areas such as entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations. Even those students who do not plan to specialize in this area should seriously consider taking one or more of the courses listed below, given the importance of business law questions in all areas of legal practice.

All students are required to take the basic course, Corporations. This course serves as an introduction to the law of business organizations and is a prerequisite or recommended prior course for most other corporate and securities law courses in our curriculum.

The courses Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation deal with issues that are basic to corporate practice and provide an introduction to more specialized courses. Tax planning is also foundational to many corporate law issues, so interested students should consider the courses Income Taxation, Corporate Tax, and Partnership Taxation. Students may also select from more specialized courses that introduce students to important topics within the practice, from mergers and acquisitions to technical areas of securities law.