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Welcome Message from the President

As a Jesuit University, Fordham takes seriously its responsibility to provide all the members of its campus community with an environment that celebrates and protects the dignity of the human person. Sexual harassment, like all discrimination, is at odds with the University's spirit and its long-standing commitment to equality. Moreover, it is a violation of the University's Code of Conduct and is prohibited by law.

University officials will promptly investigate any allegation of discrimination or sexual misconduct, and will take any necessary corrective action—up to and including reporting criminal violations to law enforcement authorities. By Fordham policy, all faculty and staff are required to report sexual violence, and any instance in which a student is subjected to any form of sexual misconduct, but we urge every member of the University community to report any form of discrimination to the appropriate administrative office.

Kindness, dignity, and protection of all persons are at the heart of cura personalis. One way, therefore, we live our mission is by not allowing discrimination and sexual violations to go unreported and unchallenged.

- Joseph M. McShane, SJ