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Pregnancy and Parenting Resources

Supporting the Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students

Reasonable accommodations may be needed to assist such students in order for them to continue their enrollment and course of study.  However, students must still fulfill the required academic course, program, and or licensing requirements of any course or program.

Because the requirements for courses, programs, and schools at Fordham vary, the deans and faculty are typically in the best position to decide how students can make up missed work.  

• Students who are pregnant and anticipate missing coursework due to pregnancy, giving birth, or recovery from childbirth should, if possible, inform their professors early in the course or program so that it may be easier for the professor to explore options to assist the student in completing your coursework.  Please note that not all requests for accommodations can be made.
• Faculty are required to offer pregnant and parenting students reasonable accommodation in order to finish their coursework.  This may include viable alternatives or additional time to complete required course requirements.  It is at the individual faculty member’s discretion to determine what is considered a viable, reasonable accommodation.