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Campus Climate Survey

1. Perceptions of the Campus Climate and Available Resources

Promoting a culture of safety, inclusiveness, and well-being for our students is one of the core tenants of our University. For students to feel safe and comfortable reporting incidents of sexual misconduct, they first need to feel that the University is a safe environment. The first set of questions in the survey allows the University to gauge its effectiveness in this mission.

  • Participating student were asked to Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree about the following perceptions of the general campus climate. “Agree” as used below includes responses of Strongly Agree and Agree.
    • 97.16% of agreed that they feel safe on campus
    • 87.23% agreed that faculty, staff and administrators treat students fairly
    • 78.23% agreed that if a crisis happens, Fordham would handle it well
    • 76.16% agreed that there is a good support system on campus for students going through a difficult time
    • 86.62% agreed that they feel like they are part of our University
    • 74.31% agreed that Fordham administers the procedures to address sexual assault fairly
  • Participating students were asked for their general perceptions of reporting incidents to the University, with each of the below statements either Very Likely, Moderately Likely, Slightly Likely, or Not At All Likely to occur. “Likely” as used below includes responses of Very Likely and Moderately Likely.
    • 84.06% thought it likely that the University would take a report of sexual assault seriously
    • 81.40% thought it likely that the University would take steps to protect the safety and support the person who reported a sexual assault
    • 78.06% thought it likely that the University would take steps to protect the person from retaliation
    • 85.80% thought it likely that other students would likely support the person making a report