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Campus Climate Survey

Conclusion and Resources

Through this report, we have attempted to summarize the wealth of data from the Spring 2017 Climate Survey. If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact Patricia Scaglione, the Interim University’s Title IX Coordinator, at You can also find more information on and

The Division of Student Affairs, the Department of Public Safety and the Title IX Coordinator plan to communicate and widely share this information as part of the University’s communication, education, and awareness campaign during fall 2017. The University remains committed to the personal care and attention of all students, particularly those affected by sexual misconduct.

If you need to report an incident or speak to someone for any reason, please contact one of the offices listed below so we can assist you.

Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs has multiple departments that work together to provide students with education and support related to sexual misconduct. These departments include the Offices of the Deans of Students, Counseling and Psychological Services, University Health Services, and the Offices of Residential Life. The Deans of Students serve as Deputy Title IX Coordinators, determining through the conduct process whether the University’s sexual misconduct policies have been violated; they are also responsible for coordinating the overall student conduct process and ensuring that student complaints against other students are handled properly. The Deans also train staff in the Division of Student Affairs and relevant departments to serve as Campus Security Authorities and Administrative Support Persons, and provide training and information across the University related to handling of sexual misconduct.

Counseling and Psychological Services provides free and confidential counseling services to all students who have experienced or who are involved in sexual misconduct incidents. University Health Services has nurse practitioners on staff who are Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) who are specifically trained to assist survivors of sexual assault and can assist in the medical care, follow-up/referral process, and provide general support to survivors. The Offices of Residential Life provide trained staff including Resident Assistants, Resident Directors and central office staff to support and assist both complainants and respondents and the Office for Student Involvement Commuter Students Services area conducts similar training for Commuter Assistants and Commuter Freshman Mentors. In addition, all staff members in the Division of Student Affairs serve as Campus Security Authorities and are trained and prepared to assist and support students related to sexual misconduct.

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, and can receive complaints of sexual misconduct (or any crime) at any hour of the day or night. Public Safety supervisors are all former ranking law enforcement professionals with extensive patrol, management, investigation, and crime prevention experience who can assist and support any victim/complainant as soon as a report is received. They are specifically trained to respond immediately and handle even the most sensitive matters appropriately.

Additionally, Public Safety has a cadre of specially trained investigators who investigate any report of sexual misconduct and will work closely with the Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator. Public Safety maintains a close working relationship with Detectives of NYPD Special Victims Unit and local precinct detective squads and can facilitate a quick response from NYPD Investigators. Public Safety personnel will ensure that a complainant will have the necessary resources available including an Administrative Support Person, medical services, counseling services, interim measures where warranted, and other services as needed, after a report is made.

Kareem Peat: Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Office is responsible for the University’s compliance efforts and violations of University policies and is informed of all sexual misconduct complaints throughout the University. The Coordinator collects all data for all of the University’s sexual misconduct complaints in order to monitor the timeliness of the process, to track outcomes, to identify and address any patterns or systemic problems revealed by such reports and complaints, and to assess effects on the campus climate. The Title IX coordinator is responsible for coordinating the employee conduct process where a staff member, faculty member, or third party member may be found responsible for violating this policy. This includes complaints brought by students, faculty, staff members, or third parties against a faculty member, staff member, or third party.

The various areas related to the handling and prevention of sexual misconduct at Fordham University work as a highly integrated team, sharing information about incidents, climate, legal and regulatory developments, training resources, and best practices. They comprise a standing Working Group to address these issues on an ongoing basis and leverage the advantages that close coordination and information-sharing bring to this complicated but mission-critical area for our University.