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Sevin H. Yaraman

Senior Lecturer in Music

Lowenstein 415D
Fordham University-Lincoln Center Campus
113 W. 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

Phone: 212-636-7929

Office Hours:  TBA


BA, Istanbul State Conservatory
LLB, Istanbul University School of Law
MA, City College of New York
PhD, CUNY Graduate School


Music theorist who specializes in 19th century European art Music, Music in Sufism, Disability and Music.

Courses Taught

  • Music for Dancers
  • Worlds of Music
  • Romanticism
  • European Court Music for Social Dancing
  • Musicianship
  • Chamber Music
  • Music History Introduction


Dr. Yaraman, a music theorist, teaches Music for Dancers, and seminars on music and dance, and the perception of others.  She was the recipient of an AAUW fellowship in support of her book Revolving Embrace: The Waltz, as Sex, Steps, and Sound (2002) and received a fellowship from the Istanbul Tarihi turk Muzigi Toplulugu (Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Society) for her research on the role of music and movement in the Sufi contemplative practices of Turkey.  Recently, Yaraman received a Faculty Fellowship from Fordham to develop her current interest in Music and Disability.

Selected Publications

“In the beginning There was Sound: Hearing, Tintinnabuli, and Musical Meaning in Sufism,” in Arvo Pårt:  Sounding the Sacred, New York, NY: Fordham University Press, 2020.


Mehmet Demirci, “Americans are more curious about mysticism than Turkish people” [interview with Sevin Yaraman], Zaman, No. 1179 (14 December 2006), p.4.


Revolving Embrace:  The Waltz as Sex, Steps, and Sound.  Hillsdale, NY:  Pendragon Press, 2002


“Do we hear a waltz? Sound and sign, then and now,” in Terpsichore 1450–1900: International Dance Conference, Ghent, Belgium.  ed. Barbara Ravelhofer (Ghent: The Institute for Historical Dance Practice, 2000), pp. 201–216.


“Sufi identity in the interfaith discourse and the role of music and dance for connection” in New Horizons, TRT, Turkish Radio Television International, July 2007


“Sevin H. Yaraman” in Portraits, EBRU- TV New Jersey, March 2007