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Eric Bianchi

Associate Professor of Music

Faculty Memorial Hall 441
Fordham University-Rose Hill Campus
Bronx, NY 10458

Phone: 718-817-5631

Office Hours:  by appointment

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B.A., Villanova University; Ph.D. Yale University

Area of Specialization

Renaissance and Baroque Music


Eric Bianchi joined the faculty of the Art History and Music Department in 2011. He specializes in music theory from 1550-1800. His research explores the intellectual and scientific contexts of music during the Early Modern period, with particular focus on the musical writings of the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher. He was a Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 2008-2009.

Courses Taught

  • MUSC 1100 - Music History Introduction
  • HPRH 2003 - Music in Early Modernity (Honors)
  • MUSC 2140/2141 - Keyboard Fundamentals: A Music-Theory Approach (+ Lab)
  • MUSC 2146 - Music theory II (Diatonic Harmony)
  • MUSC 3110 - Music Before 1600
  • MUSC 3121 - Baroque Music: Between Ancients & Moderns
  • MVST 5100 - Cultures of Music and Sound in the Medieval World (with Andrew Albin)

Selected Publications

 "Scholars, Friends, Plagiarists": The musician as author in the seventeenth century. Journal of the American Musicological Society, 70(1), 61–128. (View Article

"Bad Latin, Bad Manners: Giovanni Battista Doni, Marin Mersenne, and Literary Style in Seventeenth-Century Music Theory." Music and Letters 96, no. 2 (2015): 167-84. doi:10.1093/ml/gcv037. (View Article

"Was Man Made for the Sabbath?  Site, Space, and Identity in Jesuit Musical Life."  Forthcoming [2018] in:  The Grand Theatre of the World:  Music, Space, and the Performance of Identity in Early Modern Rome, edited by Valeria DeLucca and Christine Jeanneret for Routledge Interdisciplinary Studies in Opera. (View Book