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Early Closings | Wednesday, February 20 Due to winter weather all classes at Rose Hill beginning at 3 p.m. today are cancelled; Westchester and Calder Center close at 3 p.m. Lincoln Center will remain open, all classes will go on. Full Details Here

Current Issue


Mark Osteen, Irish Haptoglyphics: The Manual and the Tactile in Joyce’s Fiction

Kent Emerson, Joyce’s Ulysses: A Database Narrative

Susan Bazargen, Leopold Bloom and William Ellis’s Three Visits to Madagascar: Photography, Botany, and Race

Thomas O’Grady, Richard Madden’s War: Borges, Joyce, and the Labyrinth of History

So Onose, The Crozier and the Pen: “Aeolus” and the University Question

Tristan Power, Married His Cook to Massach: Masochistic Fiction in Ulysses

Younghee Kho, “Moving Beyond Famine: Joyce, Emigration, and Imagining New Community in “Penelope”

Visual Art

Tasha Lewis, Illustrating James Joyce’s Ulysses in Eight Weeks: A Visual Commentary Articles

Jurate Levina, The Aesthetics of Phenomena: Joyce’s Epiphanies

Susan Mooney, Interrupted Masculinity in Dubliners: Anxiety, Shame and Shontological Ethics


Richard Gerber, “La Figura,” Image of Divine Love: The Figure of Beatrice in Dante’s Vita Nuova and Mangan’s Sister in “Araby”