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Sudip Gupta

Clinical Associate Professor
Finance and Business Economics
Joined Fordham: 2016

General Information:
45 Columbus Avenue, Room 617
New York, NY 10023



Sudip Gupta is a clinical associate professor of finance at the Gabelli School of Business. His research interests are in the areas of auctions, corporate finance, debt market, and credit derivatives.

Before coming to Fordham, Dr. Gupta taught finance at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Indian School of Business, New York University’s Stern School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

He has presented his research at professional meetings and institutions worldwide and has been a consultant for international organizations. He was an advisor of the Competition Commission of India. He also served as a consulting expert for antitrust and financial litigations.

Dr. Gupta has a PhD in economics from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and was educated at the Indian Statistical Institute and Delhi School of Economics.


  • PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Junior Research Fellow: Indian Statistical Institute
  • Master’s: Delhi School of Economics
  • Master’s: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research Interests

  • Auctions
  • Corporate finance
  • Credit derivatives
  • Debt markets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Merger simulations


  • “Mispricing and Arbitrage in CDS Auctions” (with Rangarajan K Sundaram), Journal of Derivatives, Summer 2015, Volume 22, Number 4.
  • “Inventory Effects, The Winner’s Curse and Bid Shading in CDS Auctions Outcomes” (with Rangarajan K  Sundaram) Winter 2015, Journal of Derivatives
  • “A Simplified Framework to Simulate The Impact of a Merger”, 2011, Review of Market Integration, Lead Article, Vol 3, pp. 1-20
  •  “Auctions of Mortgage Backed Securities”, 2008, Economists Ink
  •  “Simulating The Effects of a Merger” 2007, ISB Insight
  • “The Widening Scope of Simulation Analysis” Winter 2006, Economists Ink
  •  “Hard and Soft Information: Firm Disclosures, SEC Letters and the JOBS Act” (with Ryan Israelsen)
  • “Why and When to Go Public: Evidence from Structural Estimation” (with John Rust)
  • “Competition and Underwriting in Government Debt Auctions” (with Suresh M Sundaresan and  Rangarajan K Sundaram)
  • “Strategic Overbidding for Toehold in Dynamic Auctions: Structural Estimation of the Synergy Effect”
  • “Creditor Rights During a Financial Crisis: An Analysis using Bank Loan Covenants” (with Anurag Singh and K Subramanium)
  • “Determinants of Sovereign CDS” (with Rangarajan K Sundaram)
  • “Informativeness of Orders in the Limit Order Market” (with Pradeep Yadav & Vikas Raman)
  • “Corporate Debt Restructuring” (with Viral Acharya)
  • “Dealer Inventory, Bank Stress Tests and Liquidity of Corporate Bonds: Implications for Dodd-Frank Act” (with  Sudheer Chava)
  • “Bank Loan Covenants and the JOBS Act” (with Matt Billett)