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Investor Relations

See IR from perspectives that others don’t.

MS in Investor Relations in NYC

Investor-relations executives offer a range of viewpoints as diverse as their backgrounds. Some come from the world of finance. Others are communications specialists. You’ll also find experts in regulation and international business.

What do you get when you combine them all? A Gabelli School Master of Science in Investor Relations graduate. Trained in all major disciplines related to the field—from public relations and social media to corporate governance and global finance–they approach IR challenges from all angles. How can our social media campaign help us meet Fair Disclosure requirements? Have we considered the regulatory environment in Korea? What ethical considerations should we be thinking about?

Fordham offers the only master’s degree in the United States dedicated solely to IR. Which means our graduates are simply the most qualified candidates for these sought-after jobs.

About the degree

16 months, two weekends each month

The Gabelli School MSIR degree is designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. The cohort-based program meets only on Saturdays and Sundays, no more than twice a month, for only 16 months.

The curriculum teaches skills in finance, information technology, business communication, accounting, law, and strategic relationship management. We also offer a unique focus on ethical decision-making and social responsibility.

The Gabelli School edge

Fordham’s MSIR is the only one of its kind in the nation. No other school can give you the distinction of attaining master’s-level competency in the skills required for this uniquely multidisciplinary field. With a Manhattan-based campus and a faculty drawn from successful New York companies, the Gabelli School is ideally positioned to provide the concrete experience that employers are looking for.

Ideal candidates

The MSIR is ideal for people who want to become consummate IR professionals. Current IR executives may pursue the degree to round out their toolkits, become more competitive, and move into the next tier of positions. The degree is also appropriate for business professionals planning to transition into the IR field, and it can be a worthwhile proving ground for any college graduate who wants to launch an IR career.