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In the News

OCSC Report: Fall 2019

"Faith, Reason, Theosis": A Report on the Patterson Triennial Conference in Ecumenical Trends (2019)

Orthodox Christian Students at Fordham Find Multiple Ways to Strengthen Their Faith (2019)

Theological Education in Focus at Orthodoxy in America Lecture (2019)

Celebrated Theologian Connects Faith to Knowledge (2019)

Funded Research Highlighted at Awards Ceremony (2019)

Orthodox Christianity Lecture Touts Rising Appreciation of Byzantine Art (2018)

“Orthodox Church Leaders Duel Over Ukraine, Meet With Pope Francis” in National Catholic Register (27 Jun 2018)

“Ukrainian Orthodox Church wants independence from Russian Church Amid Regional Conflict” in Newsweek (31 Aug 2018)

“Ukraine Orthodox Church seeks spiritual split from Russia” in Deutsche Welle (31 Aug 2018)

“An Independent Church in Ukraine: Peace-maker or warmonger?” Zentrum für Osteuropa- und internationale Studien (19 Sept 2018, citation of Demacopoulos, “Don’t Confuse Autocephaly with Theology“ [2015])

“Tensions between Russia and Ukraine spill over to Byzantine world of Orthodox church” in Washington Post (10 Oct 2018)

“Ukraine’s Spiritual Split From Russia Could Trigger a Global Schism” in The Atlantic (11 Oct 2018)

“What do tensions among Orthodox believers mean for modern Christianity?” in Angelus (archdiocesan paper of Los Angeles) (12 Oct 2018, citation of Demacopoulos, “The Heresy of Papism” [2018])

“Moscú confirma el cisma en la Iglesia ortodoxa: Rusia y Ucrania convierten su conflicto en una guerra religiosa” in BBC News Mundo (15 Oct 2018)

“Ablösung von Moskau: Die orthodoxe Kirche spaltet sich, mit Folgen für Europa“ in HuffPost DE (16 Oct 2018)

“Эксперт: никто, кроме РПЦ, не разорвет общение с Константинопольским патриархом” [“Expert: no one except the ROC, will break off communication with the Patriarch of Constantinople”] in ГОЛОС АМЕРИКИ (16 Oct 2018)

“Orthodox Christianity faced with a political divide” in PRI (19 Oct 2018)

“Developments in the Orthodox Church” in The Greek Current (podcast, 20 Oct 2018)

Orthodox Christian Center Secures Luce Funds to Promote Human Rights (2018)

British Council Awards Grant to Orthodox Christian Studies Center for LGBTQ Research (2018)

Pew Research Center Taps Professor for Orthodox Christian Expertise (2017)

Scholar Ponders Power of Orthodox Christian Converts (2017 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Fordham Fellowship Supports Renowned Scholar on Women and the Coptic Church (2017)

Fordham Faculty Take Two of Four Alpha Sigma Nu Book Awards (2017)

Orthodox Christian Studies Center Raises $1.5 Million for Challenge Grant (2017)

An Ancient Church in the New World (2016 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Faith Communities Should Support, Not Penalize, Couples Who Divorce, Interfaith Panel Says (2016)

Fordham Installs First Meyendorff/Patterson Chair of Orthodox Christian Studies  (2015)

Dostoevsky's Criticisms of Catholicism Examined in Orthodox Christian Studies Center Guest Lecture (2015)

Center co-sponsors international conference on "Political Orthodoxy and Totalitarianism in the Post-Communist Era" in Helsinki, Finland

Fordham Awards Posthumous Degree to Theology Student (2015)

Fordham Mourns Theology Doctoral Student  (2014)

Second Chair to Enhance Orthodox Christian Studies at Fordham (2015)

Orthodox Christian Studies Center Earns NEH Challenge Grant  (2013)

Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, Argues Liturgy’s Relevance  (Fall 2014 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Fordham Awards Honorary Degree to Orthodox Archbishop (Spring 2014 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Political Theology: A Redundancy? (2013 Patterson Triennial Conference)

Fordham Installs First Archbishop Demetrios Chair in Orthodox Theology and Culture (2013)

Orthodoxy Lecture Chronicles the Philokalia (2012 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Scholar Argues for Expansive Study of Theology (2011 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Jesuit Calls on Catholic and Orthodox Churches to Restore Communion (2010 Orthodoxy in America Lecture | Patterson Triennial Conference)

Faculty Honored by Orthodox Church (2010)

Ecumenical Patriarch Receives Honorary Doctorate in Visit to Fordham (2009)

Scholar Discusses Future of Orthodox Christianity (2009 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Conference Details Patriarchate’s Struggles in Turkey (2009)

Women's Choirs in Late Antiquity Offered More than just Hymns, Scholar Says (2008 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Orthodox Christian Studies Nets $100,000 Commitment, $200,000 Challenge Grant (2008)

Fordham’s First International Orthodoxy Conference Examines Theology of St. Augustine (2007 Orthodoxy in America Lecture | Patterson Triennial Conference)

Professor Sees Papal Visit to Turkey Helping Relations With Orthodox Church (2007)

Fordham Awards Honorary Degree to Archbishop Demetrios (2007)

Bishop to Share Orthodox Vision of Creation (2005 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios Kicks Off Lecture Series (2004 Orthodoxy in America Lecture)

Professor Helps Heal Catholic and Greek Orthodox Rift (2004)