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Legal and Policy Studies

Maybe you've considered local politics. Or you'd like to move up in your public-sector profession. Perhaps you're thinking about law school. The Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies Legal and Policy Studies program will provide you with sound, practical knowledge of the complex issues that shape public policy and the law.

Students may select courses focusing on criminal justice, human rights, or U.S. policymaking. All students will:

  • Achieve an understanding of public policy and its political, economic and moral impact
  • Examine the influence of social issues on law and government
  • Practice legal and policy analysis
  • Learn to conduct and interpret social research
  • Develop strong oral and written communication skills

Legal and Public Policy majors can pursue careers in a wide variety of fields:

  • law
  • business
  • politics
  • government
  • the nonprofit sector

This bachelor's degree program is available at the Westchester Campus.

Legal and Policy Studies Course Requirements

The legal and policy studies major requires completion of 38 credits according to the following schedule of courses:

  • LGPO 1105 Concepts and Issues in Legal and Policy Studies
  • POSC 1100 Introduction to Politics
  • SOCI 2850 Methods of Social Research
  • SOCI 3708 Law and Society
  • POSC 3321 American Public Policy or SOCI 3102
  • Contemporary Social Issues and Policies
  • A senior seminar
  • Four additional courses from a diverse field of academic disciplines, including legal and policy studies, business, economics, history, philosophy, political science, sociology and theology