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Current Projects

Contract as Procedural Justice (presented at Georgetown Law School workshop on Contract and Promise; William & Mary Private Law Theory workshop; UCLA Legal Theory workshop)

The Political Economy of Contract Regulation (presented at Colorado Law School Junior Business Law Colloquium; 2012 Labor and Employment Law Colloquium; International and Comparative Junior Scholar Workshop at Columbia Law School)

Promises and Permissions in Contract (earlier version presented at University of Pennsylvania faculty workshop, Fordham faculty workshop, Harvard Private Law Theory Workshop)

Normative Triangulation in Contract Interpretation (earlier version presented in combination with Promises and Permissions above)

Distributive Justice in Contract (invited chapter in Philosophical Foundations of Contract Law (eds. Klass, Letsas, Saprai).

Standard Contract Terms in Consumer Contracts (invited paper for conference on Transatlantic Perspectives on Commercial Contract Law II at Edinburgh Law School)

The Perspective of Law on Contract (invited symposium essay, Washington Law Review and invited presentation at annual meeting of German Association for Comparative Law)

Democratic Degradation and the Shrinking of Politics (invited symposium essay for Canadian Business Law Journal based on comments delivered at University of Toronto Law School conference on Margaret Jane Radin’s Boilerplate).

The Effects of Financial Crises on the Binding Force of Contracts (U.S. Reporter on topic, 2014 International Congress of Comparative Law)