Roger Goebel

Fordham Law Professor Roger Goebel

Alpin J. Cameron Professor of Law

Telephone: 212-636-6844
Office: Room 7-169 
Hours: By Appointment Only

Faculty Assistant: Lourdes Ramirez

Research and Teaching Fields

Corporations; European Union Law; Partnership and Limited Liability Companies


Prof. Goebel is the senior American legal academic in the field of European Union Law, teaching and writing in the field since 1978. He has taught Corporations and Partnership Law at Fordham since 1984. Prior to teaching, he had an unusually long practice career with the international law firm, Coudert Brothers, for seventeen years, until 1983. Located principally in Paris, his practice consisted of international business law and French and American corporate law. Previous teaching experience includes:

  • Visiting Professor, New York University School of Law, 1978-79
  • Visiting Professor, Seton Hall Law School, 1979-78, 1983-84
  • Jean Monnet Visiting Professor, Bonn, Germany, Spring 1995
  • Visiting Professor, University of Paris I, Spring 1999
  • Teaching Fellow, University of California Law School, Berkeley, 1962-63

Professional Affiliations

  • President of the American Foreign Law Association, 1997-2000
  • Board of Advisors, American Law Institute, Restatement of Agency Third, 1999-2003
  • Advisory Board of Editors, Common Market Law Review, 1991-present
  • Executive Committee, American Society of Comparative Law, 1997-2000

Selected Publications


R. Goebel, E. Fox, G. Bermann, J. Atik, F. Emmert & D. Gerard, European Union Law (West 4th ed. 2015)

M. Daly & R. Goebel, eds., Rights, Liability and Ethics in International Legal Practice (Transnational Juris 1995)

M. Daly & R. Goebel, eds., Rights, Liability and Ethics in International Legal Practice (Juris 2d ed. 2004)


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The European Council After the Treaty of Lisbon, 34 Fordham Int’l LJ 1251 (2011)

Economic Governance in the European Union: Should Fiscal Stability Outweigh Economic Growth in the Stability and Growth Pact? 31 Fordham Int’l L.J. 1266 (2008)

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Reconstructing the Roman Law of Real Security, 36 Tulane L.J. 29 (1961)

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Legal Education

NYU School of Law, 1957-1960, J.D.

    Order of the Coif
    Articles Editor, Law Review
    Editor, Annual Survey of American Law, 1959-1960
    Root-Tilden Scholar

NYU School of Law, 1960-1961, LL.M. in Comparative Law

University of Tübingen, Germany

    Fulbright Fellowship, 1961-1962

Undergraduate Education

Manhattan College, 1953-1957, A.B. cum laude

    Class Valedictorian