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Selected Publications


  • Comparison of Privacy and Trust Policies in the Area of Electronic Communications,” REPORT TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007)
  • “The Simplification of International Data Privacy Rules,” 29 FORDHAM INT’L L.J. 1128 (2006)
  • "Technology and Internet Jurisdiction," 153 UNIV. OF PENN. L. REV. 1951 (2005)
  • "States and Internet Enforcement," 1 UNIV. OTTAWA TECH. L. J. 213 (2004)
  • "Privacy Wrongs in Search of Remedies," 54 HASTINGS L. J. 877 (2003)
  • "Yahoo and Democracy on the Internet," 42 JURIMETRICS 261 (2002)
  • " Privacy and the Interdependence of Law, Technology and Self-Regulation," 19 CAHIERS DU CRID (2001)
  • " E-commerce and Trans-Atlantic Privacy ," 38 HOUSTON L. REV. 717 (2001)
  • "Resolving Conflicting International Privacy Rules in Cyberspace," 52 Stanford L. Rev. 1315 (2000)
  • "Restoring Americans' Privacy in Electronic Commerce," 14 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 771 (1999)
  • "Lex Informatica: The Formulation of Information Policy Rules through Technology," 76 Texas L. Rev. 553 (1998)
  • "The Use of Technology to Assure Internet Privacy: Adapting Labels and Filters for Data Protection," Lex Electronica, (Fall, 1997)
  • "Governing Networks and Rule-Making in Cyberspace," 45 Emory L. J. 911 (1996)
  • "Multimedia as a New Challenge and Opportunity in Privacy," 22 Materialien Zum Datenschutz 9 (1996)
  • "Setting Standards for Fair Information Practice in the U.S. Private Sector," 80 Iowa L. Rev. 497 (1995)
  • "The Fundamental Role of Privacy and Confidence in Networks," 30 Wake Fake Forest L. Rev. 105 (1995)(with Françoise Gamet-Pol)
  • "Rules of the Road on Global Electronic Highways: Merging the Trade and Technical Paradigms," 6 Harvard J. Law & Tech. 287 1993)
  • "The Privacy Obstacle Course: Hurdling Barriers to Transnational Financial Services," 60 Fordham L. Rev. S137 (1992).
  • "Privacy in the Information Economy--A Fortress or Frontier for Individual Rights?," 44 Fed. Comm. L. J. 195 (1992)

Books and Monographs

  • Safe Harbor Decision Implementation Study (with Jan Dhont, Maria Veronica Perez Asinari, Yves Poullet, Lee Bygrave) (European Commission: 2004)
  • Online Services and Data Protection Law: Regulatory Responses (with Paul Schwartz)(EUR-OP: 1998)
  • Data Privacy Law (Michie 1996) (with Paul Schwartz)

Book Chapters

  • A Movement toward Obligatory Standards for Fair Information Practices in the United States, in Visions for Privacy in the 21st Century (Colin Bennet & Rebecca Grant, eds., Univ. of Toronto Press: 1999)
  • L'instabilité et la concurrence des régimes réglementaires dans le Cyberespace, in Les incertitudes du droit (Ejan MacKaay, ed., Editions Thémis: 1999)a
  • "Information Flows on the Global Infobahn," in The New Information Infrastructure: Strategies for U.S. Policy (Wm. Drake, ed., Twentieth Century Fund Press, 1995)