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LALSI Study Abroad

Study abroad is a rewarding experience in and of itself. It especially complements the course of study of LALS majors and minors. LALS students have enrolled in programs throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain, immersing themselves in the culture of their host country.

Upon return, students are able to count some of their coursework abroad towards the requirements for the LALS major or minor. For non-Fordham programs, LALSI will allow up to four (4) courses for two semsters or three (3) courses for one semester taken during study abroad to count toward the major, and up to two (2) courses taken during study abroad to count toward the minor. For Fordham study abroad programs, LALSI will count all relevant courses taken toward the major or minor. If the student has already declared a LALS major or minor, these courses should be approved prior to going abroad by a LALS faculty advisor.

For more information on studying abroad, please visit the International and Study Abroad Programs page or email

LALSI Sponsored programs

Summer and/or Spring in Granada, Spain
Granada, a World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was the hometown of the poet Federico García Lorca, and a center of flamenco culture. For four weeks, students will have the opportunity to live in this wondrous city, study the works of García Lorca and partake of several cultural visits as well as tours in Andalusia (Andalucía), the region where Granada is located. Space is limited, so interested students should contact Dr. Rafael Lamas as soon as possible.

LALSI also frequently organizes short travel courses in Latin America, offering student in-depth, on-site study of the history, arts and culture of the region.

Current Study Tours

LALSI 3930, "Cuba's Contemporary Culture in Havana"

May be taken with COLI/SPAN 4018, "Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film", or independently (March 14-22, 2015)

Havana, one of the world's most historically significant and hauntingly beautiful cities, has long been the center of Cuban culture and an exporter of cultural forms to the rest of the world, from music and dance to art, literature and film. This one-week one-credit spring study-tour course will explore the renewed importance of Havana as both a local and global purveyor of culture since the fall of Soviet-style socialism in the 1990s. It will focus on the city's vibrant contemporary cultural scene in music, art, dance, literature and film as exhibited in museums, galleries, workshops, concert halls, and community centers and will give students a lived sense of the issues, topics and concerns addressed by contemporary Cuban artists in new innovative forms that respond both to local conditions of economic transition and to a globalized world market.

In Havana, Casa de las Américas, the island's premier cultural institute, will be our host and the city will be our classroom. Meetings in January and February prior to departure for the tour will introduce students to Cuban politics and history and prepare them to be knowledgeable guests. The group will be led by Prof. Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé, Director of the Latin American and Latino Institute at Fordham University.

Eligibility: Applicants must have passed or have taken the equivalent of SPAN 2001, have a high intermediate level of Spanish, or be bilingual.
Cost: $2,545

SPAN 3770, "Cultures of Memory and Postmemory in Contemporary Santiago, Chile"

Dates: Spring Semester 2019 including Study Abroad March 15-23, 2019

Santiago, Chile is a dynamic metropolis, a thriving, safe center of Latin American business, and a place where different artistic media have sought to work through the memories of a troubled history. Through interactions with Chilean students and professors, discussions with documentary filmmakers, indigenous and student activists, historians, and politicians, this one-credit study tour will allow you to explore artifacts and movements of cultural memory—literature, criticism, film, photography, theater, and other media—that illuminate efforts in Chile to come to terms with its recent dictatorial past. The trip will depart immediately after the final exam period ends.

You will have the chance to explore the vibrant theater scene by attending local performances, and you will visit the homes of the famous poet Pablo Neruda. There are great opportunities for full immersion in the language and a chance to learn about family structure and tradition while living with a local family for the duration of the program. This study tour also includes a day trip to the picturesque port city of Valparaíso and a service project.

The course and tour will be led by Prof. Carl Fischer, an associate professor of Spanish in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department who lived and worked in Santiago for several years.

Eligibility: Applicants must have passed or have taken the equivalent of SPAN 2500, and have an advanced level of Spanish. Apply Online now on the ISAP web site or by clicking here. For more information please contact Carl Fischer
COST: $3,625

Past LALSI-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

Past courses have included:

  • A spring break trip to Mexico with Dr. Barbara Mundy (Art History), to look at past and present artistic traditions
  • A summer course in Havana, Cuba with Dr. Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé (Literary Studies/Spanish) to study the evolution of Cuban culture since the 1959 Revolution. Students spent four weeks at Cuba's premier cultural institute, the Casa de las Américas