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Loyola Hall Residential College

Loyola Hall

The recently-renovated Loyola Hall Residential College is home to approximately 125 first-year students also enrolled in the Manresa Scholars Program. Loyola features two classroom spaces that are equipped with Smart technology, a kitchen, student nooks, and a small chapel.

Manresa Scholars Program at Loyola Hall

In the tradition of the Manresa Program, students, staff, and faculty share the common project of deciding how the members of Loyola Hall spend the coming year living and learning together and work collaboratively to make this project a success. Students choosing to live in Loyola also choose to be Manresa scholars, and enroll in a seminar taught by one of Fordham’s internationally renowned teacher-scholars.

Each professor also serves as an academic adviser and mentor to the resident and commuter student members of the commiunity. Manresa scholars live and study together in this residential college setting, where they participate in activities that nurture the development of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—within a community of students and teachers.

The Residence Hall Staff

The staff consists of one resident director, four undergraduate resident assistants, and one Jesuit-in-residence. In addition, staff will work with the Manresa seminar faculty, internationally renowned teacher-scholars from Fordham College at Rose Hill, and a Ground Floor course instructor from the Gabelli School of Business. Together, staff and faculty will work diligently to expand each resident’s intellectual, spiritual, social, and cultural growth within the residential setting, thus complementing the academic experience.

Fast Facts

Loyola Hall, Manresa Scholars

Housing Rates

Rates are for the nine-month academic year and include all utilities, cable television, telephone service, laundry, and membership to the Lombardi Fitness Center. Room configurations and rates are subject to change.

See the current room rates for Loyola Hall. Room configurations and rates are subject to change.

All residents in this dormitory are required to have a meal plan.

Move-in dates vary, please see Important Dates for more information.

Loyola Hall History

Built in 1928, the hall is named for Saint Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556), the founder of the Society of Jesus, the religious order to whose care the University was entrusted by Archbishop John Hughes in 1846. For many years, a main residence for Jesuits living, working, and teaching at Fordham, Loyola is now a residence hall for first year students featuring many preserved features from its history, including sinks in each room and wood floors, a lovely chapel, and a restored and preserved study lounge with much of its original 1928 woodwork and stained glass.

Standard Rooms in Loyola Hall

LOY Triple

Here is a great example of how a Loyola Hall Triple might look!

LOY Triple

Here is another great example of how that Loyola Hall Triple might look!