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Changes to Spring Academic Calendar Fordham is modifying its academic calendar in anticipation of a national resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic this winter. Full Details

Information for New Students

A Message from the Freshman Dean

Dear Class of 2024,

Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business, which will offer you countless opportunities to grow into a successful professional.

You will soon arrive at Fordham to begin an exploration. Who are you? What are your interests? What do you believe? What do you need to do to realize your dreams? The more you take advantage of everything the Gabelli School provides, the better positioned you will be to become a business leader.

Your relationships at Fordham will define your experience. I encourage you to make connections with your deans, professors, the Jesuits, and various administrators on campus, as well as with your classmates. The Gabelli School’s integrated business core curriculum will help you to hone your teamwork and interpersonal skills. You’ll find that as your relationship circle grows, your resources increase and your professional network will begin to take shape.

It is an exciting time at the Gabelli School of Business. Those of you studying at Rose Hill will get to experience Hughes Hall, where technological innovations and team-oriented facilities will have a substantial impact on your educational experience. Your counterparts at Lincoln Center, who are your classmates as well, will have access to the newly opened Pei Freed Cobb-designed tower on West 62nd Street, also a state-of-the-art learning and living environment.

Congratulations, Gabelli Class of 2024, and welcome to Fordham!

Looking forward to working with each of you,

Betsy Parr
Assistant Dean for Freshmen

Gabelli School of Business

Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business!

We are about to provide you with a business education without equal. But we need you to do your part: Take advantage. Start learning about everything that’s out there for you by exploring and by reading this letter in full. See you in August!

Freshman Advising

The Gabelli Freshman Enrichment Program is a yearlong series of sessions focused on academic advising, developing the skills needed to succeed in college, and building an awareness of the proficiencies that are valued in the business world.

Your freshman dean, Betsy Parr, is your primary academic adviser. Your relationship with her will have some built-in structure, through mandatory class advising sessions, but will remain flexible and tailored to your individual needs,through optional individual academic consulting sessions. You also will benefit from an assigned upperclassman mentor, known as your advising assistant. You will have chances throughout the year to learn from and develop a relationship with him or her. You also will find, throughout your Fordham career, that you draw upon the resources of other staff and administrators at the Gabelli School, such as the dean for international programs and the staff of our Personal and Professional Development Center.

The Gabelli Integrated Business Core

There is no clearer reflection of the Gabelli School’s hands-on, integrated approach to business education than our core curriculum. This rigorous program provides a comprehensive grounding in six areas: accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management/strategy, and marketing. At the same time, it gives students the universal skills that every business leader must have: innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, an ability to work in teams, excellent verbal and written communication, and the capacity to handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

The program begins in freshman year with The Ground Floor, a course that introduces students to all the major disciplines of business and then challenges them to draw upon this knowledge in proposing a brand-new business. The Ground Floor gets students to think entrepreneurially while working in small teams, developing their business writing and speaking skills, and becoming familiar with New York City through class assignments.


The Gabelli School’s news site,, will become your one-stop shop for nearly all the information you will need to excel here. Bookmark it now, and pay special attention to the “Calendar” option under the Events menu. This is where we tell students about opportunities to network with Fordham alumni, special presentations by on-campus corporate recruiters and much more. It is also where you will find online access to Dean Marisa Villani, who will help you launch the academic career that can land you where you want to be in four years. Please also bookmark and begin to explore her advising page. To get all the news from GabelliConnect without having to visit the site, the best thing you can do for yourself is to join the Gabelli School of Business page on Facebook. All of our significant Gabelli Connect updates are put into our Facebook news stream to keep students in the know. You also can meet your classmates before your arrival on campus by joining your class Facebook page. We highly recommend this, as it also will become an important pipeline for registration details beginning in the late summer.

Registration Information

Fordham’s Office of Academic Records will prepare fall course schedules for all incoming freshmen. Your schedule will be set based on your academic needs and wishes, using placement exam and individual SAT scores, as well as the course preferences you will soon indicate on the freshman registration survey. Instructions for completing this survey will be sent to your Fordham email account. Please complete the survey as soon as you receive the notification.

Your completed class schedule will be available on the online portal a few days prior to your arrival for orientation. You will receive a notification via your email address when it is available for viewing. Please note that schedule adjustments are rare and will not be considered until after academic orientation. Registration changes only can be made between September 2 and September 9, which is the add/drop period, and are only considered for necessary circumstances at the discretion of the freshman dean.

Placement Exams

A select number of first-year Gabelli School students may need to take an online math placement exam. This is actually a calculus readiness exam that identifies students who need additional math foundation coursework before taking the required math courses in the business curriculum. Those identified as needing the additional coursework will take Pre-Calculus, which is not a required course but will fulfill one of the six liberal arts electives required of all Gabelli School students. Instructions on how to take the math placement exam will be sent from the freshman dean’s office in late May/early June, only to the e-mail accounts of students who need to take it. If you are not sent an e-mail, you will not need to take the placement exam.

  • Students who received a score at or below 550 Math SAT or 24 Math ACT will automatically be placed into Pre-Calculus. They do not need to take the placement exam.
  • Students who received a score of 560-630 Math SAT or 25-28 Math ACT will be placed into Pre-Calculus. These students have the choice of taking the placement exam; should they receive the necessary score, they will not need to take Pre-Calculus and will be moved into Math for Business Finite or Calculus for Business. If they do not take the placement exam, or if they take the exam but do not achieve the necessary score, they will remain in Pre-Calculus.
  • Students who received a score at or above 640 Math SAT or 29 Math ACT will automatically be placed into Math for Business Finite or Calculus for Business. They do not need to take the placement exam.
  • Students who did not take either the SAT or ACT exam are required to take the online math placement exam.

Students planning to study a foreign language during the first semester of freshman year need to indicate a language preference on the freshman registration survey, which can be accessed via the University portal: If you indicate this preference on the survey, you will be placed into a language course for your first semester. First-year business students who intend to take Spanish or French must take a placement exam. Instructions for the language placement exams can be found at

Transcripts and Test Scores

First-year students who wish to receive credit for AP exams, IB exams, and college courses completed at another college or university (not college courses provided at a high school) should make sure that transcripts are sent to the Office of Academic Records by August 1. This is critical, as future registration decisions depend upon the accurate posting of these scores. Please note that the College Board sometimes only sends some, not all, of the AP scores. You are responsible for checking your Fordham record to ensure that all scores have been transferred.

Students who submit scores will receive a letter in August that details the University’s policy on awarding AP credit. This letter also will identify which courses in the Gabelli School curriculum will be fulfilled with the awarded credit.

Academic Orientation

Academic orientation will be held in late August. You’ll receive information that is absolutely necessary to successfully begin your career as a Gabelli School of Business student. You will hear from Dean Donna Rapaccioli as well as from other deans, professors, and fellow students. The program also includes presentations from business professionals, often Fordham alumni.

Part of the day includes a discussion of the freshman class mandatory summer reading, which is our way of introducing you to important themes that will resurface throughout your first year. It is also a great way to have something in common with your classmates from the first minute of the semester. You will receive more information from the freshman dean about this year’s summer reading.

The Manresa Program

Manresa is a learning community in which freshmen live in the same residence hall and take some academic courses together, producing a truly tight-knit group. Gabelli School students who choose to be Manresa scholars may take The Ground Floor, our introductory business course, together during the fall semester, and they may enroll in a seminar with Fordham College. They also have access to special group site visits to major New York City corporations, with an emphasis on Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit

Army ROTC/Military Science

The military science program is academically administered through the Gabelli School of Business and is available to all undergraduate students regardless of college or major.

Hughes Hall

In 2012, Fordham opened the doors to Hughes Hall, a state-of-the-art home for the Gabelli School. It is not only a place to learn—equipped with trading and media rooms, spacious classrooms, and the newest academic technology—but also a place to gather as a Fordham business community of students, professors, deans, and alumni.


Dean Donna Rapaccioli and her staff oversee all Gabelli School of Business programs with an emphasis on academic achievement and personal and professional development.