Commuter/Mass Transit Benefit Plan

eTRAC is a Commuter Benefit Plan that allows an employee to set aside payroll deductions taken on a tax-free basis for qualified workplace mass transit expenses. Employees that qualify for this benefit are Full-time Faculty members, Administrators, Local 153 members and Local 810 members.

Qualified mass transit expenses include: buses, trains, subways, ferries and van pools.

After initial enrollment, you will receive the Beniversal Prepaid MasterCard or eTRAC Prepaid MasterCard for use at qualified mass transit and/or parking vendors.

  • The current year pre-tax benefit is $255 per month. (You can have more than $255 deducted from your pay per month, but only $255 will be pre-tax)
  • The Card Activation Fee is $3.50.

To enroll, Log into BRiWeb. BRiWeb is your secure participant login for managing your accounts, viewing balances and submitting claims. To log in, go to, click on the secure login section at the top right and enter:

Company Code: fordhamu
Member ID: Your Social Security Number
Password: Your Home Zip Code (You will be prompted to change the password upon initial login.)

For more information, please read Fordham's Commuter Benefit Plan Guide.

If you have any questions regarding eTRAC, please call 1-866-MYETRAC or email The Payroll Department at