Salary Budget Changes

Human Resources processes salary budget changes as soon as possible so the system can read and report on the most accurate information. In some cases, a redistribution is necessary, although this is considered a last resort.


Budget Change/Redistribution Process 


The salary budget change process begins with the requestor and should proceed as follows:

  • Requestor completes a Payroll Labor Change and Redistribution Form.
  • If the requestor is not the Budget Administrator, the Budget Administrator signs off on the form. If there is a second Budget Administrator for the debited or credited account, this person must sign off as well.
  • If any budget falls under the Office of the Provost, the form must be approved by that Office.
  • Approved forms must be sent to HRIS, FMH Room 506 or faxed to 718-817-0779 for review and processing.
  • HRIS forwards any forms requesting a redistribution to Accounting for processing.

If you have any questions about salary budget changes, please call the appropriate contact below.


General Budget Questions (Grant-related)
Vittoria Siefring
Senior Grants Administrator



General Budget Questions (Not Grant-related)
Carol Murabito
Director of Budget Operations



Academic Budget Questions
Julia Olivo-Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant (Provost)



Budget Change Processing Questions
Joanna Garcia
HRIS Administrator/Analyst




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