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Curran Center News

Curran Center students and faculty do outstanding work in their fields and programs of study. This page details highlights of our recent work, with links to more comprehensive news on the left.

  • In addition to recently being featured in Fordham News for her work on Flannery O'Connor, Associate Director Angela Alaimo O'Donnell's memoir, Mortal Blessings, received a First Place Award from the Catholic Press Association in the category of "Best Book Concerning the Theme of Family Life."
  • Associate Director Michael Peppard, a regular contributor to the dotCommonweal blog, published "Transcending polarization," addressing polarization in the contemporary American Catholic Church.
  • Alumna Colleen Taylor (2012) graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an MPhil degree in Irish Writing, awarded with distinction, in 2014, and is about to finish her first year in Boston College’s English PhD program, where she is the Irish Studies Fellow. She recently published a short article called “Missing Portraits: Irish Fiction’s Forgotten Women” for the New Dublin press, and gave a paper called “The Other ‘Wild Irish Girl’: Sarah Isdell and The Irish Recluse (1809)” at Harvard University’s New Eyes on the 18th Century Symposium in December. She also writes a weekly music column for the Irish Echo newspaper.