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American Catholic Studies Concentration Requirements

Course Requirements

Students wishing to complete the concentration must complete the required coursework within the appropriate timeframe. View more Program information.

Sophomore Year/ Spring Semester Junior Year/ Fall Semester Junior Year/ Spring Semester
Discernment Seminar Catholic Studies Seminar I* Catholic Studies Seminar II*

*The Seminars should, ideally, be taken in succession in Junior year. We can make exceptions to this rule in the case of students who wish to Study Abroad. Students who study abroad may take either seminar in the Senior year; Seminar II may be taken before Seminar I, if necessary.

Spring Semester Sophomore Year - Spring Semester Senior Year

Students must take 4 “basket” courses in these areas:

  • 1 course in art history, music, or English
  • 1 course in history or Latin American and Latino studies
  • 1 course in philosophy or social science
  • 1 course in theology

Basket courses can be selected from the following:*

  • Courses listed on the Course Registration Page (e.g. MLAL 3015)
  • Courses offered by the Curran Center bearing “AMCS” designation (e.g. AMCS 3350)
  • Courses on Banner accorded the American Catholic Studies attribute (e.g. THEO 3993)

In the event a student wishes to take a course that has significant Catholic content but does not fall into any of these 3 categories, the student must submit the Basket Course Application to have the course approved.

Community Service Requirements

In at least two semesters from SOPHOMORE YEAR, SPRING SEMESTER through SENIOR YEAR, SPRING SEMESTER, students are required to complete 2-4 hours of off-campus community service per week. The Center can provide advice on potential service sites; however, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find a service location. During the semesters in which they perform service students must submit a Service Learning Report on assigned dates. Learn more about Service Learning.

Concentrator Record Form

At the end of each year, students must complete the Concentrator Record Form. This form helps us ensure the timely disbursal of scholarship monies and track our Concentrators' progress in the program.