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Basket Courses

In addition to the Discernment Seminar, Catholic Studies Seminar I, and Catholic Studies Seminar II, students in the American Catholic Studies Concentration must complete four additional "basket courses." Basket courses must include the following: one course in art history, music, or English; one course in history or Latin American and Latino studies; one course in philosophy or sociology; and one course in theology.

Concentrators normally choose these courses from offerings with the designation "AMCS," meaning they are offered from within the concentration or have been officially cross-listed with both the concentration and another university department or program. These include:

AFAM 3667 Caribbean Literature
ECON 4110 Ethics and Economics
ECON 4870 Economic Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching
ITAL 2800 Italy and the Arts: Politics, Religion, and the Imagination (course taught in Italian)
MVST 4998 Study Tour: Medieval Spain
PHIL 4418 Issues of Life and Death
THEO 3200 Intro to New Testament 
THEO 3375 American Religious Texts and Traditions
THEO 3390 Church in Controversy
THEO 3610 Christ in World Cultures
THEO 3620 Great Christian Hymns 
THEO 4005 Women and Theology
THEO 4008 Religion and Ecology 

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive, and not every course listed above is offered every semester.

Basket Course Approval Form
Occasionally, a course not formally cross-listed with American Catholic Studies may be counted as a "basket course." Students must complete the Basket Course Application Form, including the signature of the proposed course's instructor and a copy of the course syllabus, in order to request inclusion of a non-cross listed course as a Catholic Studies "basket course." The completed application is due within two weeks of the beginning of the semester during which the proposed course is being taken. Submitting the form does not guarantee that a course will "count," but no courses will count without proper submission of this application.

Only courses that include--either in required assignments or in choice of topic for independent student work--substantial and meaningful Catholic Studies content will count as an American Catholic Studies basket course.