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Visiting Chair

The Visiting Chair in American Catholic Studies brings to Fordham, for a week-long residency, a noted scholar in the field of American Catholic studies, Catholic theology, or Catholic ethics, whose scholarship or creative work bears significantly on and is making an impact in the academic, public, and/or ecclesial arenas.

The Chair’s purpose is to serve and enrich Fordham’s Jesuit, Catholic mission and identity by making it possible for Fordham students, faculty, and various publics to interact, in formal and informal fora, with remarkable scholars and teachers from a range of fields of study who are making influential contributions on to.

Past Chairs

We were honored to have inaugural Visiting Chair, Professor Daniel K. Finn, be in residence in March 3-7, 2014.

Daniel K. Finn is the William E. and Virginia Clemens Chair in Economics and the Liberal Arts at the University of Saint John’s, Collegeville. Finn earned the Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at Saint John Fisher College, Rochester, NY, and did his graduate work at the University of Chicago, completing the MA in economics and the PhD in religious social ethics, with an interdisciplinary dissertation on the ethical presuppositions of utility theory within the history of economic thought. He has held a joint appointment in both economics and theology at Saint John's since 1977.

Finn has written and edited numerous books, articles, book reviews and chapters on topics relating to economics and ethics within both economics and religious ethics. His books include Christian Economic Ethics: History and Implications (2013), The Moral Dynamics of Economic Life: An Extension and Critique of Caritas in veritate (ed., 2012), The True Wealth of Nations: Catholic Social Thought and Economic Life (ed., 2010), The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims about Markets and Justice (2006), and Just Trading: On the Ethics and Economics of International Trade (1997). He has been an active member of professional societies in both fields, serving as President of the Association for Social Economics, the Society of Christian Ethics, and the Catholic Theological Society of America. He has also served as President of the Midwest Association of Theological Schools and Vice-President of the Minnesota consortium of Theological Schools. He was Chair of the Department of Economics and Business Administration at Saint John's from 1982-84 and was Dean of the School of Theology from 1984-89.