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Community Service

Community Service Component

In at least two semesters from SOPHOMORE YEAR, SPRING SEMESTER through SENIOR YEAR, SPRING SEMESTER, students are required to complete 2-4 hours of off-campus community service per week. 

If You Are Serving This Semester

Please email by October 14 or January 28 with the following information:

  • Your location of service
  • The name/contact information for the supervisor at service location
  • Whether or not this location is in need of additional volunteers (if you don’t know, that’s okay, but please ask)

Keeping Track of Your Volunteer Work

Please complete a brief web-based service report once each semester. Please submit the form by:

  • Dec. 1 (for first semester)
  • May 1 (for second semester)

The form asks for basic information and a brief, 3-5 sentence reflection on your service. Rather than just reporting what you’ve done, we want to hear compelling or meaningful stories describing how your service has changed you or those you serve. We will then publish selected stories each semester in a newsletter detailing your service.

If You Are NOT Serving This Semester

Please email to let us know when you intend to complete your service.