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MIHA Course Calendar

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs offers short courses on specific humanitarian interventions for humanitarian workers in locations around the world. Our courses offer unique insight to approaches in humanitarian action rarely taught in traditional educational programs, ranging from mental health or education in emergencies to strategic issues in humanitarian response, forced migration, and human rights, among others.

Humanitarians can enroll in these courses as stand-alone trainings. All courses are also part of the curriculum for the Master of Arts in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA) program at Fordham University.

Fall 2019

March 4 - April 12
- Leadership and Management
- Humanitarian Accountability

April 28 - May 3
Strategic Issues
Geneva, Switzerland

June 2 - June 29
New York, USA

June 8 - July 19
- Humanitarian Ethics
- Media and Humanitarian Action

September 8 - September 20
Mental Health in Complex Emergencies
Beirut, Lebanon

September 9 - October 21
- Humanitarian Negotiations
- Community Participation
- Forced Migration

September 23 - September 28
Education in Emergencies
Beirut, Lebanon

November 4 - December 13
- Humanitarian Logistics
- Disaster Management
- Gender

November 17 - December 13
Geneva, Switzerland