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International Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership

International Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership

The IDHL consists of three required courses and the complete IDHL can only be taken by matriculated MIHA students. The Disaster Management Training and Strategic Issues in Humanitarian Affairs short courses can be taken individually by those not enrolled in the MIHA program as stand-alone training courses apart from the Master's. The IDHL is not an Advanced Certificate.

The IDHL is designed to shape students into leaders in the field of humanitarian action. With course contribution from high-level representatives in a variety of relevant disciplines, students gain an understanding of the history of humanitarian affairs and the strategic initiatives needed to improve the analysis, mitigation, response and delivery for the future of humanitarian assistance. Furthermore, students develop the ability to analyze trends and issues with a critical eye.

The module serves as the culmination of research for one's thesis. Approval of the thesis by the mentor and reader followed by presentation to the Dean is the final step in the Master's requirements.

Required Courses