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Civil Military Cooperation

This course gives students an understanding of the practical workings, opportunities and constraints of engaging in the cooperation between military and humanitarian organizations in the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The course begins with the study of the legal, political and structural bases for civil military cooperation, focusing on its practical application. Faculty and students have the opportunity to share personal experiences working in civil military situations. The course culminates in a series of case studies where the actual workings of civil military cooperation in an array of military deployments are compared. Students participate in a half-day simulation exercise in which they will gain experience in the practical work of civil military cooperation in the context of a prepared scenario.

This course is required for the IDOHA and IDMHA module of the MIHA. Students can take each of our short courses for academic credit toward a Master’s of Arts in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA) degree, or they can participate in the course without receiving academic credit.

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