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Education in Emergencies


With close to 30 million children living in conflict-affected countries, and hundreds of thousands of families displaced by natural disasters and the effects of climate related events, education in times of crisis and conflict is indispensable in order to achieve the goal of universal education. The Education in Emergencies course provides tools to design and implement educational projects from the emergency phase, to post-conflict situations, with a special emphasis on the mechanisms required to improve the quality of education during and after humanitarian crises. This course also focuses on the main challenges children face during forced displacement, from child recruitment to food security.

This course will take place in Malta from October 2 -6, 2017. This course is open to anyone in the humanitarian or education sector as a stand-alone course. It is also a week-long elective course for the IDOHA and IDMHA module for students of the Master of Arts in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA).

Representative Syllabus

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