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Data and Innovation Management in Humanitarian Action

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University is partnering with the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University to provide a one-of-a-kind training opportunity for humanitarians, technology experts, and other professionals interested in designing technological solutions of the future for humanitarian challenges of the present.

This five-day course will provide students with a deeper insight to the use of data and technology in their work in human rights protection, monitoring and evaluation, and operations management in humanitarian contexts. Course participants will learn how to effectively collect, interpret and share/communicate data in line with ethical humanitarian principles, as well as develop new tools for humanitarian action.

The course will introduce participants to a comprehensive understanding of how to select and adopt tools, strategies, and techniques for data and innovation management, especially as seen through the concrete application to challenges evident in contemporary humanitarian action.

Saturday and Sunday will consist of a scenario-based workshop, 72 Hours' Challenge: (Big) Data for Preparedness and Assessment. Participants will be challenged to participate in a hands-on simulation, using data for emergency response - from the field visit and rapid assessment stage through the quality assessment monitoring stage at later phases of emergency intervention. 

The challenge will give participants the experience to conduct a hands-on simulation in using data in field visits and rapid assessments at the onset of emergency and in ensuring emergency food security or quality assessment monitoring at later stages of an intervention.

Furthermore, the course will bring together experienced humanitarian professionals, allowing them the opportunity to devise innovative solutions to the real-world problems they experience all over the world. Collaboration among participants will ensure knowledge is effectively distributed across diverse sectors and organizations as well as consistency in implementation.

This course is open to professionals from the humanitarian, development, technology, social responsibility, and corporate sectors, as well as to Fordham graduate students and recent Fordham undergraduate alumni. 

This course is a pre-cursor to the annual summer school on Big Data for Peace & Justice by Humanity X and the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University.

Costs and enrollment

Students can either take the entire five-day course for academic credit toward their graduate degrees (MIHA included) for $1,600 for credit, audit the five-day course without receiving academic credit for $915, or participate in only the two-day workshop (July 8 - 9) for $600.

The program cost includes the tuition. It does not include accommodation, meals, or transportation costs.

Note: Fordham students from all departments are welcome to join, although permission by their own programs is required to receive the credits.