Victor L. Essien

Adjunct Professor of Law/Librarian

Telephone: 212-636-6913

Victor Lawrence Kwesi Essien came to the United States from Ghana in 1981 and attended New York University School of Law, earning his Master of Laws in International Legal Studies in 1982 and his Doctor of Juridical Science in 1985. Prior to coming to America, he was a lecturer at the law faculties of the University of Ghana, Legon and the University of Jos in Jos, Nigeria. Since 1985 Professor Essien has been the International Law Librarian in Fordham's Law Library and he has taught several courses here since 1989, including Multinational Corporations Law, International Investment Law and International and Foreign Legal Research. In 1986 Professor Essien served as a Legal Assistant to the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal in The Hague and from 1989-1993 he was a consultant to the United Nations Center for Transnational Corporations. He is also a practicing attorney with Victor Essien & Associates. Professor Essien is fluent in French, English, Akan and Ga.

Courses Taught

Multinational Corporations, Fordham University School of Law, 1989 - Present
International Investment Law, Fordham University School of Law, 1989 - Present
International and Foreign Legal Research Workshop, Fordham University School of Law, Fall 2005


New York University School of Law, Doctor of Juridical Science, 1985
New York University School of Law, Master of Laws in International Legal Studies, 1982
University of Ghana, Legon, Master of Laws, 1976
University of Ghana, Legon, Bachelor of Laws, 1973

Professional Affiliations

American Society of International Law
American Immigration Lawyers Association

Bar Memberships

Ghana Bar
New York State Bar United States District Court of New York
Southern and Eastern Districts United States Court of Appeals, 2nd and 3rd Circuits



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Fordham University School of Law
150 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023