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MSIT Careers

Gabelli School students don’t mind making money.
But they’re passionate about making a difference.

Graduates of the Gabelli School’s Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program have the opportunity to create major change in the companies where they work. That’s because they understand how to align technology with business goals, bringing their unique vision and strategic insight to every IT project they undertake.

Our MSIT prepares students for leadership positions in IT management. Consider these job categories:

IT planning
IT planners determine how to complete IT projects on deadline and in alignment with their firm’s overarching goals. This may include setting objectives, identifying required resources, and planning the project timeline.

IT project management
IT project managers put the work of IT planners into action. They oversee implementation from start to finish, ensuring the successful completion of software development, business analytics, and data management projects, as well as network upgrades and other initiatives.

Enterprise data architect
Enterprise data architects are analysts, technologists, and architects all at once. Massive quantities of data need structure, management, storage, and solutions. These specialists define a company’s vision for data management, warehousing, and analysis, and then bring it to life—ensuring that data add value to the overall enterprise.

Enterprise application manager
Enterprise application managers work across the broad range of a company’s IT, supporting, planning, and managing multiple projects in many departments. They recommend tech solutions that match the organization’s objectives and make sure that technical infrastructures conform to standards.

MSIT graduates are qualified for many other jobs, too:

  • Database administrator
  • Warehouse developer
  • Data scientist
  • Business technology consultant
  • Product manager for digital goods
  • Tech entrepreneur
  • Business analyst
  • System developer
  • Systems analyst
  • IT security manager

Proven success
Gabelli School MSIT graduates have been hired for IS management positions in these and other top global organizations:

  • ADP
  • American Express
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • MasterCard
  • PwC
  • TEKsystems