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YDDC Meet the Lab

YDDC Lab 2021-2022 Group Photo

Tiffany YipDr. Tiffany Yip

Principal Investigator

Tiffany Yip, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at Fordham Principal InvestigatorUniversity. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Cornell University, earned her MA and PhD in Psychology at NYU, and completed a NIMH and NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship in the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan. Her research on ethnic identity, discrimination, and sleep among minority adolescents and young adults has been published in American Psychologist, Child Development, Developmental Psychology, and Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Dr. Yip currently serves as an Associate Editor for Child Development and the Asian American Journal of Psychology. Dr. Yip is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Division 7 (Developmental Psychology) and Division 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race) and her research has been funded by NICHD, NIMHD, NIMH, and NSF.

Ye FengYe Feng

Graduate Research Assistant

Ye Feng is currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology program at Fordham University. She received her MA in Educational Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. Her research interests involve the development of new methods for latent variable models, including structural equation modeling and item response theory to personality and educational outcomes measures.


Kyle LorenzoKyle Lorenzo - Graduate Student

Graduate Research Assistant

Kyle Lorenzo is currently a 2nd-year graduate student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at Fordham University. He received his BAs in Psychology and Biological Sciences with minors in Cognitive Sciences and International Studies at North Carolina State University. Kyle’s research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to exploring health disparities and identity development among racial/ethnic minority youth.


Jiwoon BaeJiwoon Bae - Graduate Student

Graduate Research Assistant

Jiwoon Bae is a first-year doctoral student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program. He received his B.A. in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include exploring individual, social, and broader ecological factors to promote resilience among Asian American youth to flourish in under-resourced environments. Specifically, he is interested in how contextual and sociocultural factors affect Asian American adolescents’ response to adversity. He hopes that his program of research will ultimately help Asian American adolescents to identify optimal coping methods while accounting for contextual (e.g., social and organizational environments) and sociocultural factors (e.g., ethnic identity, Asian values) in dealing with negative mental health outcomes.


Shadane JohnsonShadane Johnson - Graduate student

Graduate Research Assistant

Shadane Johnson is currently a first-year graduate student in the Applied Development
program. She received her BA in Psychology at Penn State. Her research interests include
exploring how context and sociocultural factors impact identity and adjustment in minority


ThanhVi DangThanhvi Dang - Student

Research Assistant

ThanhVi (Thanh) Dang is currently a Senior at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, completing a major in Psychology and a double- minor in Marketing and Chinese Mandarin. Thanh joined the lab in the Fall of 2021 and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She was born and raised in Vietnam and she is interested in research related to ethnic minorities and mental health, especially within the context of the Asian and Asian American populations.  She joined the YDDC lab to further develop her research skills and to contribute to research projects that enrich youth development. In the future, she hopes to further her education in Clinical or Applied Developmental Psychology and to work with the under-represented and marginalized communities.


Jennifer Kwon

Jennifer Kwon - Student

Research Assistant

Jennifer Kwon is a senior at Fordham University at Rose Hill pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in English. She is interested in how racial and ethnic identity influences mental well-being, the development of culturally sensitive treatment models for marginalized populations, and global mental health. She is passionate about advocacy and destigmatization of mental health issues and hopes to promote social justice through culturally sensitive research and clinical practice.


Lynelle WeisLynelle Weis - Student

Research Assistant

Lynelle Weis is currently a senior at Fordham University at Rose Hill, completing a double major in biology and international studies on the Pre-Health track. Her research interests include the relationship between ethnic and racial identity and its impact on the physical and mental development of minority youth and adolescents. She hopes that her research areas will help to address and minimize health disparities experienced by marginalized communities.  Lynelle aspires to pursue a career in medicine, with a focus on public health to reduce gaps in health care quality among racial and ethnic minority groups, ultimately contributing to a more accessible healthcare system.


Hema Kumar

Research Assistant

Hema Kumar is a sophomore at Fordham University majoring in Psychology. Hema joined the lab, fall of 2021 as a research assistant and is expected to graduate in 2024. She is interested in pediatric psychology and research regarding cultural identity as well as the influence of different communities. She hopes to learn more about how different cultural differences can affect day to day activities in children and how it impacts them.


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Former Lab Members

Ashley Weems
Project Manager at the Child Study Center at Rutgers University

Amada Hassan
Currently a New York University College Advisor at Global Learning Collaborative
New York, NY

Alexandra Ehrhardt
Graduate Research Assistant at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago

Amy Cheon, PhD
Assistant Professor at Myongji University

Yijie Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor at MSU

Michael Tynes
Chemical Data Science at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Meera Aladin
Currently enrolled in a Counseling Psychology (PhD) Program at Fordham University

Maya Delity
Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s of Science at Boston University, majoring in Psychology

Xiaoxiao Dong
Currently enrolled in a Counseling Psychology (PhD) Program at Fordham University    

Sara Bayless, PhD
Senior Researcher at OMNI Institute

Margaret Dunbar
Middle School ESL/ ICT English Teacher at West End Secondary School

John-Paul Esoldi
Applying to Dental School

Sheena Mirpuri, PhD
Senior Advisor at BIT Americas

Sandra Donnay, PhD
Founder and President of the Racial Equity Initiative (TREI). New York, New York

Nana Ishikawa
Enrolled in PhD program in Applied Behavior Analysis at Columbia University Teachers College

Eryk Kropiwnicki
Graduated Fordham in May 2018 with B.S. in Biology

Kristina Kulkarni
Senior Research Analyst at Ipsos

Charles Ray
Enrolled in PsyD program in Clinical Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Bethany Regan
Upstate Medical University (expected graduation 2022)

Brittney Yue
Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s of Science at Fordham University, majoring in Psychology

Mingjun Xie, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow at Beijing National University

Pak See Ip
Administrative and Development Assistant at Family Bridges, Inc.

Jill Fowle
Current doctoral student in Fordham ADP

Shelbie Spear
Current doctoral student in Educational Psychology at Michigan State University

Milou Haskin
Care Coordinator at The Bridge

Shubarna Akhter
Applying to medical school

Jason Dufour
Residential Supervisor at Mountain Valley Treatment Center

Brittany Perez
Behavioral Wellness Coach at Graham Windham

David Rosen
Interventionist at Children's Aid

Teresa Travnicek
Applying to medical school

Isabella Tomei
Current doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at University of Miami Ohio