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YDDC Student Voices

Some of the students involved in the project wanted to share their writing about sleep and its role in their life. We have included a sampling of their pieces below.


How can I sleep when I have an overdue Earth Science Project


How can I sleep when I didn’t study for that Geometry quiz


How can I when I wasted six hours instead of doing my homework


I need it, I love it, I want it


It’s like a lover that goes to the store and never comes back


Your best friend when you have it

And your worst enemy when you don’t


In the middle of class nodding off


During gym, during lunch


I wish I had it

I need it, I want it

Sleep is Amazing. It allows me to not have to hear people annoy me. Sleep is always and forever will be. I love to sleep. Sometimes when I sleep I don’t have a dream. It’s kind of like as if I just blinked once. Yet when I look at the clock after that “blink”, its hours and hours later. Sleep is also good because it lets me escape from life for a few hours. All the stress from school or the annoying people don’t really matter to me anymore because I am in a dream. One thing I hate more than anything is when people come into my room turning on my light and speaking really loudly expecting me to do something in .5 seconds.


I can’t I’m tired I want to sleep but I can’t

I keep thinking about that project I had

I'm wondering if I had math homework

WAIT! Was there a science essay

I can’t sleep not like this… but I am exhausted

But I cant seem to relax. 2 a.m. look at the time why am I not asleep… 3 a.m. Im finally relaxing I close my eyes

I wake up its 6am I want to sleep but I can’t because I may delay but time will not.

Sleep- Sleeping is my life. Without sleep I would be a mean, ugly person. Sleep helps me forget all my troubles for that day. Sleep helps me relax when I am feeling stressed out. When I am really upset I will just go to sleep. Sleep is just something that helps me out like anything in this world can do. To me sleep and laughter are the best medicines because they put me in a right state of mind.

SLEEP…the most essential thing needed for us. Sleep keeps us energized and stimulates while resting the brain. Sleep is relaxing, it feels like a massage for your body where you go completely numb and release all of the days stress in a long slumber. Sleep is a bed, comfy, engulfing you fully, making you feel nice and free.

Sleep lets you escape into a dream world where you can be whatever you want. Sleep is Life. Sleep is what gets you ready for the next day and takes away all your tiredness and your anxiety.





Ecstatic about it


Sleep is essential, but school gets in the way. School should not start early. Sleep is good, Sleep is life, sleep is love, sleep is awesome, Sleep makes you better, Sleep makes you a champ. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep will reheal you and your wounds. Sleep can happen easier when you're tired, you have a comfortable bed/couch/ you can also sleep when you’re bored.

Oh! How I love sleep!

I don’t go to sleep early like at usually 1 or 2 a.m.

I my couple of hours of my spectacular sleep I have the best dreams in the world. I am a heavy sleeper, a JACK HAMMER can’t even wake me up!

To me sleep is what keeps us sane its our escape from this harsh reality we call young adulthood. Sleep is what makes a tired body realized and a grumpy person happy its needed and is definitely loved by me.