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O'Connell Initiative

Vanessa Ogle's Keynote Speech at the Conference: Tax Havens Fostered by Ex-Spies, Generals, and Diplomats

Vanessa Ogle gives her keynote speech about tax havens at the O'Connell Conference

Photos by Bruce Gilbert 

Vanessa Ogle and Asif Siddiqi at the keynote speech for the O'Connell Conference

Fordham News wrote an article about Dr. Vanessa Ogle's keynote speech at the O'Connell Conference. Read Historian: Tax Havens Fostered by Ex-Spies, Generals, and Diplomats

The O'Connell Initiative

During the last five hundred years capitalism emerged in Western European to become the dominant means of production, exchange, and consumption of human and material resources throughout the world. It created unimaginable wealth along with astonishing inequality and environmental destruction. We believe that history offers powerful analytic methods for thinking about this transformation.

The O’Connell Initiative is a forum for intellectual exploration. It brings together scholars of every aspect of capitalism, from its earliest medieval origins to its twenty-first century consequences in the Global North and the Global South. It supports groundbreaking research and teaching on global capitalism and engages with the public through lectures, debates, and workshops.

 Dr. Dietrich Discusses His New Book

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Recently, Fordham’s Dr. Christopher Dietrich sat down with Rutger University’s Dr. Toby C. Jones to discuss Dr. Dietrich’s new book Oil Revolution: Anticolonial Elites, Sovereign Rights, and the Economic Culture of Decolonization (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Read about his new book in this article from the History Blog, and about his talk in this article.