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O’Connell Initiative Research Grant Awardees

Research Grant Past Awardees


Faculty Research Grants

Dave Hamlin (Professor, History Department)
“Economic Warfare and International Order”

Samantha Iyer (Assistant Professor, History Department)
“The Poverty of Plenty: Politics of Good in India, Egypt, and the U.S., 1870s-1970s”

Rosemary Wakeman (Professor, History Department)
“Global Crossroads: London, Bombay, Shanghai"

Graduate Travel Grants

Nicholas DeAntonis (PhD candidate, History Department)
“Courting the ‘Slave King’: Eisenhower Doctrine, Slavery in Saudi Arabia, and Civil Rights Activism”


Faculty Research Grants 

Christopher R. W. Dietrich (Associate Professor, History Department)
“American Nationalism and Foreign Oil in the Cold War Era”

Yuko Miki (Associate Professor, History Department)
“Emancipation’s Shadow: Illegal Slavery in the Brazilian Atlantic”

Graduate Travel Grants

Nicholas DeAntonis (PhD candidate, History Department)
“John F. Kennedy & Saudi Arabia: How the Civil Rights Movement Helped Abolish Slavery in Saudi Arabia”

Stephen Leccesse (PhD candidate, History Department)
“Emerging from the Sub-Cellar: John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil and the Rise of Corporate Public Relations in Progressive America, 1902-1908”