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O’Connell Initiative Research Grant Awardees

Faculty Research Grant

O'Connell Initiative on the Global History of Capitalism

The O’Connell Initiative in the Global History of Capitalism invites applications for the O’Connell Faculty Research Grant. Fordham faculty from the Department of History across all historical fields and geographic areas are eligible to apply. The Grant is open to junior, mid-level, and senior faculty. Two competitive research grants ($2,000/each) on topics related to the global history of capitalism will be awarded each year. Priority will be given to publishable projects that promote interdisciplinarity grounded in historical research, engage with the many dimensions of the capitalist revolution, and advance new understanding of its social, economic, and ecological consequences.
A formal application and final report on outcomes are required. Grant recipients are expected to participate in the seminars, lectures, and events organized by the O’Connell Initiative. The grants are not renewable.

The application should include a 3-page proposal describing the project and its outcomes, cv, and budget.

Please send applications to Rosemary Wakeman,, Director of the O’Connell Initiative Steering Committee.
Deadline: November 15, 2016
The O’Connell Initiative in the Global History of Capitalism is supported by a generous gift by Fordham alumnus and History major Robert O’Connell.
Steering Committee:
David Myers, Department Chair
Nicholas Paul, Graduate Director
David Hamlin
Steven Stoll
Rosemary Wakeman, Director of Steering Committee