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O’Connell Initiative Research Grant Awardees

O’Connell Initiative Current Awardees

Current Faculty Grant Awardees for 2018-19

Christopher R. W. Dietrich (Associate Professor, History Department)
“American Nationalism and Foreign Oil in the Cold War Era”

Yuko Miki (Associate Professor, History Department)
“Emancipation’s Shadow: Illegal Slavery in the Brazilian Atlantic”

Current Graduate Travel Grant Awardees for 2018-19

Nicholas DeAntonis (PhD candidate, History Department)
“John F. Kennedy & Saudi Arabia: How the Civil Rights Movement Helped Abolish Slavery in Saudi Arabia”

Stephen Leccesse (PhD candidate, History Department)
“Emerging from the Sub-Cellar: John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil and the Rise of Corporate Public Relations in Progressive America, 1902-1908”