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Appellate Litigation

Sharpen your analysis and strengthen your written advocacy in the Appellate Litigation Clinic.


In the Appellate Litigation Clinic, yours are the last eyes searching for error and injustice in a criminal case.

Practicing primarily in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, you will pore over a complex record, identify viable appellate issues, and craft a highly technical legal document that tells a compelling story. Thinking, rethinking, writing and rewriting are at the core of appellate litigation.  The work is careful, demanding and extremely important for our clients, who have been convicted of serious federal crime.

You will improve the clarity of your thinking and writing, skills that will repay significant dividends throughout your legal career. 

Led by Associate Dean and Professor Ian Weinstein, a former staff attorney for the Federal Defender Services Unit of the Legal Aid Society for the Southern District of New York, the clinic will lead you to critical analysis in a way that taking the side of the powerful, or even the clearly and always righteous, does not.