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International Law and Development in Africa

Gain real-world exposure to the challenges and realities of development work through hands-on projects with partners in Africa.

ILDA, International Law and Development in Africa

You will work with African law faculty, students, NGOs and public and private institutions to research and undertake small-scale legal projects aimed at promoting sustainable development, access to justice and poverty alleviation. 

For projects that require fieldwork, you may have the opportunity to travel to Africa during the semester to take part in meetings, interviews, and on the ground implementation. 

Past and ongoing projects in Ghana include women’s inheritance rights workshops, drafting proposals for a family justice center, creating an online customary data base, advocating for people remanded to prison,  researching the legal framework to combat wildlife crime, and collaborating with advocacy organizations across Sub-Saharan Africa to promote LGBTI rights.

The clinic, supervised by Professor Paolo Galizzi, provides you with an understanding of the realities and challenges of development work in Africa.

To learn more about the clinic's projects, go to the Leitner Center page.