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Queens District Attorney Prosecution

Before justice is served, charges must be brought, interviews conducted, evidence prepared, and decisions made whether to negotiate a plea or advance to trial.

You’ll learn these intricacies and more, inside and outside the courtroom, from actual prosecutors in the Queens DA Prosecution Clinic.

As a legal intern in the Queens County DA’s Office, you will participate in cases from inception through trial and sentencing, working with police officers, interviewing victims and witnesses, determining charges, drafting accusatory instruments, and representing the People of the State of New York in the New York City Criminal Court.

You will experience the prosecutor’s unique role as advocate and impartial public servant under the supervision of Fordham Law alumnus Kevin Duddy ‘85, the District Attorney’s Director of Training, and Jennifer Naiburg, Deputy Director of Training. Along with your supervisors, you will develop case theory, conduct motion practice and pre-trial hearings, visit crime scenes, negotiate plea agreements, and potentially move cases to trial.

You will engage in this process while bearing in mind fundamental constitutional questions pertaining to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. Notably, you will determine whether evidence is sufficient to bring forth a charge, whether bail is reasonable, and whether evidence collected is admissible at trial or obtained in violation of reasonable search and seizure laws.

The Queens District Attorney Prosecution Clinic was one of the most enlightening experiences I had at Fordham Law School. Kevin Duddy and Jen Naiburg are excellent professors who took the time to teach us practical skills in the classroom and pair us with knowledgeable mentors, while still giving us the autonomy to work on our own caseload and experience hands on the challenges and necessary work required for a broad range of misdemeanor criminal cases. When I started as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens 9 months after my clinic semester ended, I truly felt as though I had a leg up and a better idea of where to start with my (significantly larger) new caseload.