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Queens District Attorney Prosecution

The prosecutor holds a uniquely powerful governmental position.

The decision to institute or to maintain charges against a person is one that involves profound consequences for individuals and for society at large and must never be taken lightly.

As a member of the Queens DA Prosecution Clinic, you will learn how to ethically and professionally pursue justice while remaining sensitive to the trust, bestowed uniquely upon the prosecutor, to speak in the name pof the People, and to persuade the court to deprive a person of that most fundamendal of human rights -- the right to liberty.  

This clinic will immerse you in the resolution of criminal cases from inception through sentence. You will work with prosecutors in making crucial determinations about whether to charge a person with a crime, and if so, what charges to bring. You will interview police officers, witnesses and crime survivors, comply with discovery obligations and prepare for and conduct hearings to determine whether constitutional rights of the accused have been violated in the gathering of evidence.

You will experience the prosecutor's unique role as advocate and impartial public servant at invitation of the Honorable Melinda Katz, the Queens District Attorney, and under the supervision of Fordham Law alum, Kevin Duddy '85, Counsel to the DA's Appeals and Special Litigation Division, and Pishoy Yacoub, Executive Assistant District Attorney, in charge of the Supreme Court Trial Division. Along with the clinic faculty and the office's supervisory staff, you will pursue the District Attorney's innovative, problem solving approach to case resolution, including diversion from traditional prosecution and treatment based alternatives to incarceration. For those cases that are trial bound, you will develop case theory, craft arguments, help to prepare witnesses for trial and assist trial prosecutors at counsel table.

The Queens District Attorney Prosecution Clinic was one of the most enlightening experiences I had at Fordham Law School. Kevin Duddy and Jen Naiburg are excellent professors who took the time to teach us practical skills in the classroom and pair us with knowledgeable mentors, while still giving us the autonomy to work on our own caseload and experience hands on the challenges and necessary work required for a broad range of misdemeanor criminal cases. When I started as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens 9 months after my clinic semester ended, I truly felt as though I had a leg up and a better idea of where to start with my (significantly larger) new caseload.