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James Dechant

Systematic Theology


B.A. University of Notre Dame (2008)

M.S. Hunter College (2010)

M.T.S. Boston College School of Theology and Ministry (2017)


James Dechant is a fourth-year doctoral student in Systematic Theology. His research interests lie in ecological theology, hermeneutics, language & literature, and Christianity’s engagement with modernity. In the past, James has served as a theological writing tutor, led an ecological-justice student group, volunteered at a children’s home in Thailand, and assisted in prison ministry.

Originally hailing from western Kansas, James majored in English and Theology at the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, he came to New York to teach in the Bronx for several years while earning his M.S. in Education from Hunter College. He then moved abroad to teach English, meeting his wife and starting a family while living in lovely Shiga Prefecture, Japan. They returned stateside just in time to see the Royals win the World Series, an occurrence marginally more frequent than the appearance of Halley’s Comet. After studying for two years in Boston, James now commutes to Fordham from Westchester County, where he lives with his incredible spouse and two beautiful children.